Mandy Moore Is A Blonde Again

Mandy Moore tells fans she’s again changed her hair color. She told fans on her official message board yesterday, “That’s right. blonde again. I just thought you guys should be privied to this kind of relevant knowledge. I am quite bummed…. But it’s for ‘Saved’ [her new film with McCauley Culkin]. I can’t wait to start working on it. I’ll keep you guys updated.”

What Does Mandy Moore Want To Achieve This Year?

September 7, 2002 – When a fan on Mandy’s official message board asked people what do you wanna achieve this year, Mandy herself had an answer. “In a perfect work-related world, I would love to continue the trend and complete one more film before I start working on the new album,” she said. “Although, as long as I maintain sanity and happiness, all while enjoying life with my family and friends, I’ll be just peachy. Thanks.”

Mandy Moore Reveals Her Favorite Artists Of The Moment

September 7, 2002 – Mandy revealed to fans who she’s be listening to lately.

Right now I am diggin:
Elton John, ‘Madman Across the Water’
Mackenzie BC, new artist whom wrote ‘Cry’. The album is beyond.
The new Switchfoot album. I have an advanced copy, haha, it’s amazing.
John Mayer, ‘Room for Squares’ (who isn’t?).

Mandy Moore Obsessed With Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

September 7, 2002 – Asked which Hollywood couple she was obsessed with, Mandy responded, “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. What’s up with that? All of us on the set clamor to the drugstore to buy the magazines when they come out, so we can read up on all the gossip.”

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