Mandy Moore Isn’t Dating Counting Crows Singer

A source tells Star magazine that Counting Crows’ carrot-topped frontman Adam Duritz isn’t dating , despite the two repeatedly being seen together in New York City. The two are “friends” who were introduced by actress Mary-Louise Parker and are currently writing songs for Mandy’s next album, which will be the first album that she is writing herself. Duritz recently posted on his website: “I am not dating Mandy.”

Mandy Moore Not Interested In ‘Monica’ Role

June 3, 2004 – Monica Lewinsky is denying a report that she wants to make a movie about her White House affair with Clinton, in which she hopes she’d be played by Mandy. Moore, in any case, isn’t interested. “I am a pretty modest girl,” she tells The New York Daily News.

Mandy Moore’s TRL Mailbox

June 2, 2004 – Mandy answered a few fan questions on TRL’s celeb mailbox, including the favorite movie of the films she’s performed in. “I’m probably most proud of ‘Saved!’,” she said of her just-released flick. “I don’t think I’ve been a part of something quite so smart, subversive and humorous.” As for what music she’s been listening to, Moore responded, “I’m currently listening to Butterfly Boucher, and Patty Griffin.”

Mandy Moore Shops In Los Angeles

June 1, 2004 – Splash News reports heartbroken pop princess Mandy looked the image of despair as she shopped alone in Los Angeles the other day. Mandy is recovering from her split from longtime tennis beau Andy Roddick, who it was rumored she wanted to wed. It is uncertain as to the reason for the breakup, but it has been reported that it has affected her deeply so what better way to get over the blues than some good old shopping therapy. She was pictured shopping for handbags at trendy L.A. store Barneys, waiting for her luxury saloon to be valet’d and picking up some essentials at Bristol Farms supermarket.

Mandy Moore Chats With Kevin & Bean

May 31, 2004 – Mandy recently visited KROQ in Los Angeles, a station that wouldn’t give her music any airplay, but she came in to talk with Kevin & Bean about her new movie ‘Saved!’. They joked about one of the morning show guys’ Dave Sanchez being all dressed up for Moore, prompting Mandy to talk about how guys never seem to approach her. Mandy says sometimes other celebs are the only people you ever get a chance to meet. Moore says that while she’s religious, she’s not like the character she played in ‘A Walk to Remember’. They wrapped up the interview with Dave trying to pick up on Mandy with cheesy pick-up lines. The interview audio at has since been removed.

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