Mandy Moore & Josh Groban Both Deny Dating Rumors

Josh Groban shot down rumors that he was dating to “We’re just friends,” Groban said. “We were kind of laughing at that. We both travel a lot and people are needy. Dating someone in the entertainment industry is really difficult because it’s always ‘me, me, me.’ It’s hard to be committed.” For her part, Mandy told fans likewise on her official message board on Sunday, “No… but I LOVE Josh. He’s a good friend and seriously…. he’s the best (uber-talented too).”

Mandy Shares Too Much Info On Her Smelly Dog

December 1, 2002 – Mandy posted on her official message board on Sunday, “Completely off topic, but… pugs rock! I recently got a mini pug (last week in fact) while visiting in Florida. His name is Dexter and he’s only 2 pounds, but boy does he ever let a fart rip! Woah… He’s sleeping on my lap right now and doesn’t even realize how smelly it is. Ollie and Winston love him, even though he steals their toys and eats their food. Too cute. I’m definitely obsessed and had to let you guys know.”

Says She Couldn’t Deal With Pageant Life

November 30, 2002 – A fan on Mandy’s message board asked the singer/actress if she had ever thought about joining a beauty pageant like Miss Florida. Mandy responded, “After hosting ‘Ms. Teen USA’, I realized that I was not cut out for the pageant life. I just couldn’t deal with that kind of competition and disappointment. My props to those who do.”

‘A Walk To Remember’ To Be Re-released

November 30, 2002 – Contributed by fans4music: reports in an unprecedented move, Warner Bros. is scheduled to release on video and DVD a new version of the hit romantic drama ‘A Walk To Remember’. In an effort to market this story directly to the Christian community, the studio has made several changes to the content of the original movie, including the removal of profanity and other edits. In addition, new dialogue has been added that will also enhance the faith-based aspects of the film’s story. One of the producers, Hunt Lowry says, “We were so impressed with the overwhelming positive response in the Christian world to ‘A Walk To Remember’, that this is our way of saying thank you for your support.” Look for this new ‘Walk’ in Christian bookstores nationwide just in time for Christmas.

Is Making Her List

November 30, 2002 – Mandy told fans on her official message board earlier today: “I was inspired by one of my castmates on ‘Saved’ to start compiling a list of things I want to accomplish in my life. I know some of you are saying, ‘but didn’t playing Jamie help you to realize that?’ the truth is… it did. But I needed that influence to pick up my pen and pick apart my brain again. To make my point… skydiving was something on my list and crazy as it may seem climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is on my list too… hehe. Other random desires include: Throwing a fancy dinner party, opening a theater for young people, learning to knit a scarf. At this time, I have over 150 crazy things on my list, and it’s growing everyday. I would encourage everyone to write a list. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities.”

Mandy Moore Never Dated Elijah Wood Insists Pal

November 29, 2002 – A pal of Mandy told the New York Post, “Mandy and Andy are together. She never dated Elijah Wood.” The singer made her first public appearance with tennis star Andy Roddick at Monday night’s Big Brothers, Big Sisters gala in Los Angeles.

Mandy Moore Posts Thanksgiving Greeting

November 28, 2002 – Mandy popped into her official message board on Thursday to wish her fans a happy Thanksgiving. Mandy said, “To ye faithful board members: the happiest of Thanksgivings to you… Ok, let’s try that again… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanks for being a monumental part of a life I am so thankful for! Here’s wishing you and yours the best of days!”

Mandy Moore Defends Dress Choice

November 25, 2002 – Fans on Mandy’s official message board were giving the singer a tough time about her shiny green dress worn for last night’s awards ceremonies where she won the Young Hero Award for Entertainment from Big Brother/Big Sister organization. Mandy said, “Thanks for your honesty… lol. Geeez. I happen to love the dress. I felt elegant and mature (not that I have to justify my reasons for wearing it you guys… but nonetheless). I think those pictures are terrible however…. Yeeeeesh. And yes my hair is brown and it has just grown out a bit while filming ‘Saved’.”

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7 thoughts on “Mandy Moore & Josh Groban Both Deny Dating Rumors

  1. lulu says:

    I’ve heard that Josh Groban has a secret affair with a Brazilian singer, actress and singing teacher,her name is Patrícia Evans, I found her YouTube channel: TiciaEvans. Can you tell me if it’s true?

  2. janet herman says:

    hey! I’ve heard the same thing!

  3. Eli says:

    Hey Guys! From what I have seen these things you all heard is just a silly rumor. Also, around June 2009, they started this rumor (from what I really pray it is just a joke) that Josh Groban was dating Katy Perry… Of course I wouldn’t know for sure because I don’t know Josh, as much as I really would love to! So if I am wrong, I’m so sorry! This is really his personal information, don’t worry, I’m curious too, lol!

    I checked this website out that just might be true?!

    And even Wikipedia says that Josh Groban has been single ever since 2006, after his relationship with January Jones. He said it himself, he travels too much! Hope he waits till I sing for him, I can make him cry with my voice, because it’s really a gift from God that I also use to touch peoples hearts, even not having as much fame as he has. And if he waits for me, lol, in about five years we’ll be married!! If God allows!! Kisses,

  4. Clarie says:

    no, Patricia Evans don’t date Josh Groban, this is not true

  5. April says:

    Of course Josh dates! I’m sure he has had many dates and girlfriends since splitting with January Jones in 2006! They have just been low profile and he is not a tabloid magnet. Yes, he had Katy have dated in the past, but nothing serious. I’ve heard he is not into having a serious relationships right now and currently has a few FWB.

  6. Faith Foster says:

    Josh Groban is one of my favorite classical-pop singer after Hayley Westenra.:-

  7. AAF says:

    Katy and Josh have denied that they dated and said they were just friends. Josh has dated January Jones, Amanda Avila, and Katie Vagnino.

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