Mandy Moore Raves About Elton John Video Experience

told fans on her official site’s message board news that she’ll be appearing in an upcoming Elton John video entitled, ‘Original Sin’. Mandy gushed, “Words cannot describe how I feel right now. Well, I wouldn’t go that far because right now I am feeling a bit under the weather…. But, late last night, or rather, early this morning I completed work on the new David Lachapelle directed Elton John video ‘Original Sin’. I was beyond amazing [I think she meant amazed].”

“This was the news about the video I was referring to in the last post. On Wednesday, I actually met Sir Elton John. He and Elizabeth Taylor play my parents in the video, which follows my journey as an awkward teen circa 1976 (complete with braces, acne, bushy eyebrows, and wig… the works, it was great) to my dream like fantasy of transforming into a rock groupie front row center of the VIP section of an Elton concert…. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of the greatest look-a-like stars you have ever seen (Barbara Streisand, Liza Minelli, Sonny and Cher, Liz Taylor, etc.). It such a genius [ingenious?] concept and I am so excited for you guys to see this video.

“I still am in shock that I had the chance to sit down and meet Elton himself. I remember sitting alone in the living room portion of the house we shot in and listening to Elton play ‘Crocodile Rock’. It was like no one else was listening.. like a private concert… too cool!!! Being the geek I am, I had him sign a copy of his ‘Yellow Brick Road’ album and [I] am getting it framed immediately. My parents were completely in awe too… it was too cute.

“The most amazing part was just talking to him. He knew about the movie, the album, etc… he gave me a present. It was honestly one of the most special times of my life. It is the coolest thing to meet someone you idolize so dearly. Just wanted to let you guys know what my world had been for the past 2 days… insane.”

‘Try Seventeen’ Project Officially Announced

February 20, 2002 – gave fans on her message board the scoop earlier and now Variety confirms the ‘Try Seventeen’ lineup that will include Moore, Elijah Wood, and Franka Potente. The film is being put out by Millennium Films and will begin shooting in March where Jeffrey Porter will direct the script written by Charles Kephart.

Admits Her Circle Of Friends Has Shrunk

February 18, 2002 – Heather Wadowski of UniverCity spoke with Mandy about how success has had an impact on her personal life, especially when it comes to her childhood friends. Mandy admits, “Your circle of friends obviously gets smaller when you enter something like this, and I’m still struggling to find out who my true friends are and who really cares about me. I believe that time heals all wounds though and will tell the truth about everything.”

Mandy Moore Offered Another Lead Role

February 15, 2002 – Variety reports following the success of ‘A Walk to Remember’, Mandy has been offered the lead role in the upcoming teen flick ‘How to Deal. The film is based on the young adult novels ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘That Summer’ and is scheduled to begin shooting this summer. Earlier this week Mandy had revealed she’ll be doing an independent film called ‘Try Seventeen’ with Elijah Wood. Since that begins filming in March, a summer filming of the ‘How to Deal’ role is certainly possible.

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