Mandy Moore Responds To Controversy Over Sexy Video

responded to the skimpy outfit she ends up in for Elton John’s new video ‘Original Sin’ that had many comparing her to Britney Spears. Mandy said, “What I am about to reiterate is in no way an attempt to defend myself, for I don’t feel the need to. I am just simply stating: the shots pictured are from a video. A video, not of my own, but of another artist. Was I comfy in parading in that outfit? Of course not! Because I wore that outfit in a video, does it mean I am headed in a direction stylistically that is the opposite of everything I am? NO!!! Guys, all I ask is for you to accept the fact that this wasn’t my personal decision. the video, outfit, etc. are NOT MANDY MOORE… nor should they be. It was an acting role just like in a film. Watch the video first lol.”

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2 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Responds To Controversy Over Sexy Video

  1. chris says:

    What difference does it make who’s video it was (unless she is implying Elton forced her to wear it)? If you say you won’t wear skimpy clothes then you shouldn’t.

  2. curlysue says:

    I think that what Mandy is saying is that she is playing a character in the video, not herself. Just like she didn’t dress like herself when she played Jamie in a walk to remember, she had to dress like the character. I do think that’s different than how you present yourself when you are in an interview or doing your own show under your own name, because then you are representing yourself.

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