Mandy Moore Says She Doesn’t Have A Lisp

A fan on Mandy Moore’s official site message board wondered if Mandy had a lisp after some talk that she did. Mandy replied saying, “Lisp? Nope, I over pronounce my S’s sometimes and it sounds like… well I dunno. But I can assure you… I don’t have a lisp… sorry. Not that it is a bad thing.”

A Literal Brown-Noser On Tonight Show

February 9, 2002 – Mandy was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night to perform ‘Cry’ and she talked with Jay afterwards about ‘A Walk To Remember’. When Mandy got seated, she accidentally rubbed her nose up against Bernie Mac’s face. The actor had a lot of brown makeup on that smudged on Mandy’s nose. Jay went awhile before finally saying something about it. Check out a transcript of the interview and 3 photos here.

Explains Hair Color Change For ‘Walk’

February 6, 2002 – Mandy talked with AP radio about her switch from blond to brunette in ‘A Walk to Remember.’ Mandy said, “I think people could not disassociate me with the character if I’d kept the blond hair. People would have looked on screen and said, ‘Oh, that’s that pop singer Mandy Moore.'”

Still Gets Nervous Around Celebrities

February 6, 2002 – Mandy responded to a fans question about how she feels when she meets celebrities and that she doesn’t consider herself one. Mandy said, “I am still in awww when around anyone really… I am such a fan of so many people that when I am faced with them, I clam up. I get very nervous…. hehe.”

Singapore’s MTV Asia Awards Come Off Flawed

February 4, 2002 – Samuel Lee of Straits Times was on hand at the MTV Asia awards in Singapore Saturday and was left less than impressed with the affair. Lee said of Mandy Moore’s teleprompter helped hosting job, “What was supposed to be a series of witticisms exchanged between hosts Mandy Moore and Ronan Keating as well as between the various presenters of the awards was revealed to the live audience as a carefully-written script projected onto it.”

Winners at the event included Ricky Martin for favorite male artist, Britney Spears for favorite female artist, and Westlife for favorite pop act.

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7 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Says She Doesn’t Have A Lisp

  1. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    I guess a lisp doesn’t make much of a difference when your already mildly retarded now does it?

  2. littleplus says:

    You’re a piece of sh**!! You know that. you know what’s good about you Wane……..Absolutely nothing!!! What’s Jessica been doing lately, huh… trying to get back with Nick I hear….PATHETIC!!! At least Mandy knows to move on when a relationship is over, rather than dwelling on it like Jessica. She knows she is nothing without Nick, Nothing

    As far as Mandy and her lisp, I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard it. I guess her great singing just hides it or something.

  3. alwaysbsb says:

    I just sold that Voluminous Mascara on eBay.

    Both Britney and Christina use it.

  4. Lety says:

    It’s okay, I have a lisp too.

  5. ReznorIsBetter says:

    When YOU’RE mildly retarded.

    Speaking of retards…how the hell did I end up on this site 10 years late?

  6. Ella says:

    @ ReznorIsBetter: You were sent here to correct that spelling error, my friend. And the world is a better place.

  7. J says:

    She definitely DOES have a lisp.

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