Mandy Moore & Shane West Talk With KISS 106.1

Jackie and Bender from KISS 106.1 talked with and Shane West as the two were in Seattle to promote their upcoming movie ‘A Walk to Remember’. Besides talking about the movie, Mandy talked about dating Wilmer for almost a year and a half and said she’s working on a new album. Mandy also played a 5 questions.. Mandy did very well but I won’t spoil it. Audio at has since been removed.

Says Acting Easier Than Singing

January 8, 2002 – IMDB reports Mandy has admitted that her life as an actress is easier than life as a musician. Moore admits, “Actors don’t realize how easy they have it. Musicians are always travelling. We’re constantly having to change plans at a moments notice. Actors, when you’re on location you have such a nice regimented schedule. It was such a wonderful experience compared to what my life is like normally. Musicians are used to changing time zones, getting on planes and feeling as if your body’s still moving when you’re not.” Mandy says despite the added work involved with music, she doesn’t plan on giving it up, “I still want the main point of my career to be music but I’m ready for more acting. I want to dive in head first.”

Mandy Moore Webmaster Urges ‘Cry’ Support

January 4, 2002 – Contributed by MaNdYsTrUeLuVeR: Mandy stated previously that she was outraged that “Cry” was not receiving any radio-play, if at all, very little. As fans, we need to vote for her material whether it is on the radio or MTV’s TRL so that are support is obviously shown.

“Cry” is something completely different out right now and the focus is primarily on the vocals of the song, which is hard to see these days with today’s Pop. In addition, the video sports a new, more grown up image to Mandy Moore, and quite honestly she looks fantastic!

So, as a fan and webmaster of my own site MandyNews ( I urge all who support, love, and want to see or hear more of Mandy, to vote for the song at there local radio station, while if at all possible, placing a vote at MTV for the video as well.

Mandy Moore Wishes Fans Happy New Year

December 30, 2001 – Mandy posted a New Years greeting on her official site’s message board saying, “Just wanted to thank YOU for the invaluable support you offered me this year! Wow… 2001 rocked, but hold on to your socks for 2002. You ain’t seen nothing yet, lol! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your loved ones. Make it the best yet!”

Mandy Moore Denies Having Fan Thrown Out

December 30, 2001 – Mandy responded to a post on her official site’s message board complaining that the person had been thrown out of a record signing in California. Mandy said, “I would NEVER EVER get anyone thrown out. Believe it or not, in-stores run very quickly and are extremely organized. Sadly, there isn’t even time to really have a short convo with anyone. I wish. I am also not in charge of the in-store. The actual record store, plus the record company, set the in-store up and run it too. I am sorry you got kicked out. What city? I would love to see what happened. I hope you enjoyed your other CD but I wished you would have realized I would have helped if I knew about it.”

Mandy Legal In States

December 29, 2001 – Conan O’Brien spoke with a Bill Clinton impersonator in a bit Friday night where he told Conan why he was on the show, “Hey, I heard you had Patrick Swayze and Mandy Moore on the show. Hoo-hoo! That chick’s legal in five states!” Conan said, “No, sir, it’s actually Patrick Stewart and Marc Maron.” ‘Bill replied, “Oh. See ya.”

Mandy Moore Talks To Katrillion

December 28, 2001 – Katrillion spoke with Mandy and they have a video of the interview which features Mandy talking about her post 9-11 PSA spot, her new album plans, and her new film ‘A Walk to Remember’. Mandy is saying her New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier and exercise.

Mandy Moore Offers Album News Exclusive

December 26, 2001 – Mandy revealed on her official site’s message board on Christmas day that rumors that she’ll begin recording a new album in February are true. Mandy said, “Haha well, well, well… Someone knows all the latest news lol. Yes, I am in fact going into the studio sometime in February to begin work on another record. I have been writing and also crossing my fingers to be working with certain people on this album. What it will be like: hmmmm wait and see. You won’t be disappointed I hope!!!” Mandy added,
“ps: listen to ‘Someday We’ll Know’ on the ‘A Walk To Remember’ soundtrack… that should give ya a hint.”

Mandy Moore Given ‘Promise’

December 24, 2001 – Contributed by MaNdYsTrUeLuVeR:

According to various teeny-bopper magazines Mandy was given a promise from boyfriend Wilmer Valderamma, in a manner of speaking… Wilmer gave the young pop-princess a promise ring! Yes guys – that does mean that Mandy is set to get engaged in the future. Hoping all goes well with there seemingly “wonderful” relationship, the two look to be advancing the relationship one step further. Question is: Is that what Mandy should be doing?

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