Mandy Moore Shares Her Thoughts On Religion

was quizzed by a fan on her official site’s message board on her religious believes and told the singer that Rev. Billy Graham watched ‘A Walk To Remember’ and cried. Mandy said, “Wow. It is amazing to hear that Billy Graham watched ‘A Walk to Remember’ and cried. and in terms of how I live my life and my beliefs, I tend to think it’s a rather personal thing and wish to keep it that way. I do believe though, that there is no perfect religion and you need to find out what fulfills you and satisfies your thoughts and beliefs. No one is right or wrong.”

Has ‘Great Night’ At Young Hollywood Awards

May 6, 2002 – Mandy checked in with fans who congratulated her following her win at an awards show on Sunday night. Mandy said, “Thank you!! Yes, I attended the Movieline Young Hollywood Awards last night and won an award (along with Shane [West]) for ‘Superstar of Tomorrow’. I don’t know how they came up with that, but hey — no pressure or anything, right? Haha. It was fun and got to see some friends. All in all, great night.”

Loves Nora Jones

May 5, 2002 – Mandy told fans on her official site message board on Sunday that she’s a big fan on Nora Jones. Mandy proclaimed, “I love Nora Jones! My mom and I saw her on Leno a few months ago (her 1st TV performance) and I immediately went to buy her album. If you don’t have it — do yourself a favor and go get it right now! I love every song, but ‘Don’t Know Why’ is probably my favorite.”

‘A Walk To Remember’ Out On Video July 9th

May 5, 2002 – Mandy’s film ‘A Walk To Remember’ will be available on VHS and DVD beginning July 9th. The DVD will feature Mandy’s ‘Cry’ video, the theatrical trailer, plus two commentaries – one with Mandy, Shane West, and director Adam Shankman and the other with novelist Nicholas Sparks and screenwriter Karen Janszen.

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13 thoughts on “Mandy Moore Shares Her Thoughts On Religion

  1. anonymous says:

    Mandy, there is right and wrong! There is one way and only one way and it was put into to place by our Creator God! Jesus said to us, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” I do not say this with enmity, but with passionate hope and compassion. Every day I pray for you and all of world’s celebrities who are in the spotlight that through the noise of the world, you would hear the voice of the One who made you! Many people will find what I say to be bigoted and intolerant, but I ask Mandy and everyone who may read this to take the time to really understand what it means believe on Jesus, to live life with purpose and meaning knowing that you are loved more than anyone of us could even begin to understand! I am not the one who has said all of this: God has set the standards. We all fall short of them because we are human, but in His love, He became a human, lived a perfect life and died in our place before God to settle the account! This is the good news! The Bible is not about sin, misery and the darkness of man, it’s about the love of our God! About how He took our place on the Cross for our sins so we can be with Him. And the best part is we need only to accept His gift!!! We don’t have to do anything to get rid of our wrongs but believe that Jesus loves you and died for you, to ask Him to live in our hearts forever! This is the way that God laid down Mandy, and I pray with all of my heart that you and everyone would know this! Showing His infinite love for us once again, even after dying for us, Jesus had given us the gift of free will!! He loves us so much, that He lets us take His gift of freedom, or decline it! (But I pray that no one will!) Life lived through Jesus is like no other. Take the time to learn about what He did for you! Our God is an awesome God!

  2. ram says:

    it’s been six years but I just watched the movie “A walk to remember”. It was really a great movie every youth today may find themselves in the situation like that. But her role seems so real that can inspire the youth in spiritual aspects! I was one of the youth leaders in our church and I personally touched by the message of the story. I really hope that Miss Mandy Moore may find a lot more of what God is planning with her life. I believe she God will use her in many ways!

    So miss Mandy, I know you may not read this message but if ever just want you to know that many people are praying for you just like I will also pray for you!

    God Bless!

  3. Sanndy says:

    I also am Praying for you Mandy Moore GOD is my BEST Friend and I PRAY GOD is or will be your BEST Friend to Mandy and All People Out thair GOD loves Us ALL and gave us ALL A chans to Have ETERNAL LIFE in HEAVEN With GOD FOREVER if We Ask JESUS to com Into Our Hearts Read JOHN3:16 in You BIBLE LOVE that Vers and so will you I Hope All I can say is that GOD is SO AWESOME and LOVING and POWERFUL GOD BLESS YOU ALL and Try your Best to Read Your BIBLE and Lern More About GOD an His SON JESUS CHRIST Our LORD And SAVIOR and of His LOVE And GREATNES And Then I HOPE GOD Will be Your BEST Friend TO GOD is Allways Thair When You Need HIM FOR GOD IS JUST A PRAYOR AWAY GOD LOVES You Mandy Moore And All People out Thair May The GRACE Of The LORD JESUS Be With ALL AMEN.

  4. Jesus says:

    There is no god, just good people and bad people. Now stop believing in superstitions and embrace life.

  5. jason basdeo says:

    to all my stars in Hollywood start to give thanks 4 what you have I no I should not say this but people are not dum many of you woship d devel to get what you want . the things I no would ………….well. email me to fine out more

  6. Liz K. says:

    I think Mandy handled the question beautifully and in a way that is true to her. To tell her she is wrong in that is crazy! Whatever each person believes is the TRUTH to them. And I bet they believe in their truth with the same amount of faith and passion you do. Who is to say that they are wrong and you are right about everything. You cannot say with 100% certainty that you have all the answers and know the truth with 100% certainty. If you really think you do, that is scary. Even within the same religious sect…even within the same church walls people don’t always believe the exact same thing about our current and after life. There are variations for our personal values and beliefs and hopes and dreams. Just because that is true -doesn’t have to make your own faith any less…but to tell someone with faith that you know the way and that their way is wrong…that is what is really wrong and you should rethink your attitude and approach. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the way Mandy answered that question.

  7. Kara says:

    It rather hurts to know that a athiest type person is playing such a strong chrisian girl. I’m sure Mandy is a decent person, but I would be an even bigger fan if she could just turn her life towards Christ. :(

  8. Rian says:

    I agree with Kara. A Walk To Remember is one of my favorites and it is sad a strong Christian isn’t playing the main role, but I don’t think the way to handle it is to argue about what she believes. Either acting like you should ‘damn her to hell’ and act all saint like by calling her names and such (Do keep her in your prayers guys just don’t bash her as well and call yourselves the right ones. Act like a Christian, don’t just use the title) or for others of you to mock us Christians. (remember guys, its not fair to stereotype ALL of us Christian’s by one so called Christian’s remarks or one Christian’s mistake. Aren’t you all trying to fight stereotypes, why are you pushing us into one then?) Its sad she isn’t an outspoken Christian but I think she handled herself well. Charles Hestin was a Christian but he did Plant of the Apes etc. You can act anything you want it just means more to the viewers when you believe in what you are acting. And it hurts us to see someone not strong in faith playing a strong Christian, so atheist etc please do try and understand. We should try and do the same with you. We agree to disagree. Mandy will be in my prayers and A Walk To Remember is still going to be one of my favorites no matter her beliefs.

  9. Ling Yao says:


  10. Stacy Bennett says:

    I have loved Mandy’s music and acting for a longtime..not to mention she is very Beautiful… I think that us Christians need to just pray for her to find truth, and pray that an awesome Christian will come in her life and be that light that she needs in order to commit her life to Jesus..the One and only Lord and Savior…And Mandy if you ever do read this..just know that Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine…the song “I can only imagine” by mercy me is such a beautiful song… I truly believe that you know god and that is part of whats kept you down to earth and the sweet beautiful person that you are…take care&God Bless you

  11. cheryl west says:

    Mandy you are so talented. I love your movies and your music. Would love to see you work with Shane West again. You guys were awesome together. Ignore those who make negative remarks.they wish they had your talent. As a Christian I pray you realize Jesus is the only way. People who knock you for not knowing Him are not representing the one they claim to love. I wish you all the best.

  12. Mary says:

    This….cracked me up!

  13. michelle Kent says:

    Prayer is meaningful,God is listening to each one of your prayers, continue to pray for Mandy Moore, that God would change her mind, body, and soul, and all the (glory to God), the day that she does) HELL is real, and it’s not a place I wish for anyone to go, may the Lord send the right person to turn her life to Jesus Christ, everyone has a choice, and I pray for her choice to really find (Jesus Christ) in her heart. With him we are everything, without him we are nothing, fame, fortune, is meaningless,life is short, the day’s are moving faster,Praying for you Mandy Moore,to give your heart to the Lord, while you still have the chance.

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