Mandy Moore Sticks Up For ‘Idol’ Singers

spoke with Sun Media about how she doesn’t turn her nose up to those who have caught a break in the music industry thanks to reality shows like ‘American Idol’. “I would never discredit anyone who is working their way up on a show like ‘American Idol’,” she said. “I think they work so hard overcoming so many obstacles just to get on the show in the first place. Then every week they are judged in front of all of America. All that pressure must be overwhelming. I give them credit for getting up on the stage.” Moore insists she “would crumble under that kind of pressure, so I think they deserve all of the success that they get.”

Phones KIIS FM

April 22, 2006 – Mandy was on the phone to talk with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K. of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Friday (April 21) to promote her new film ‘American Dreamz’. She talked about her love of ‘American Idol’ and her favorite finalist Taylor Hicks, being a homebody and lazy, starring alongside Hugh Grant, that she’s not engaged, having her parents “kicked out” of her home, and more. Audio at has since been removed.

Visits ‘The Early Show’

April 22, 2006 – Mandy talked with Tracy Smith of ‘The Early Show’ about her new film, ‘American Dreamz’. “I think as an actress you sort of try and gravitate towards these roles because they’re so much meatier and so much more fun,” she said. “I liken it to free therapy because I get to go home at the end of the day and not sort of bring any of that with me. I leave all the darkness and anger at work.”

Read more, and watch a video clip, at Additionally, photos are available from RexFeatures.

Clarkson: Idol And Beyond

April 20, 2006 – While Kelly Clarkson has gone from Southern girl to cover girl, the ‘American Idol’ season one champ has definitely not become a diva. “I love making music and getting paid for it. I’ve had so many jobs and just been down so many wrong roads and I know this road is good,” she tells CBS News. “I know that obviously there’s more to this world than being famous or being Kelly Clarkson.”

Cowell: Kellie Pickler ‘Was Very, Very Smart’ Tuesday

April 20, 2006 – Simon Cowell tells ‘Extra’ that Kellie Pickler made a very smart move after Tuesday’s singing catastrophe on ‘American Idol’. “Where she was very smart, Kelly was, she admitted she got it wrong,” Simon revealed. “She didn’t do what so many contestant normally do, which is disagree with me. She was very, very smart.”

‘American Dreamz’ Unofficial Cast Party In New York

April 16, 2006 – The New York Post reports hears that Mandy Moore, Dennis Quaid and Marcia Gay Harden will turn Tuesday night’s Conde Nast Traveler Hot List party at soon-to-open Buddha Bar into an unofficial cast party for their movie, ‘American Dreamz’.

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