Mandy Moore To Star In ‘Havoc’

Contributed anonymously: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mandy Moore is in negotiations to star in the indie drama ‘Havoc’ with ‘Saved’ costar Jena Malone. ‘Havoc’ is a multilayered drama about a gang of wealthy teens who spiral into a dangerous world of gangs, drugs and sex. “We were waiting for the perfect actress, and I think we have found her in Mandy Moore. I’m convinced she will be great for us and for the film,” MDP’s Mark Damon said about Mandy.

Mandy Moore Tells Fans To Buy New Switchfoot Album

February 28, 2003 – Mandy posted a big thumbs up for Switchfoot’s new album ‘The Beautiful Letdown’, which came out Tuesday, on her official website yesterday. Mandy said, “You must run to your local record shop and pick up their brilliant new album immediately. Not only are they the most down to earth guys, but their music rocks too. It’s pure pop/rock at it’s best. And it was produced by the same guy who’s doing my record right now (John Fields—yeah!!!).”

Mandy Moore Is In Work Mayhem

February 26, 2003 – Mandy gave fans an update on what she’s been up to recently. She told fans on her official website on Tuesday, “Last week was crazy. This week is shaping up to be crazy. Help me lol! Looks like the next couple of months are going to be mayhem. Who knows? When it rains, it pours i guess. It seems like just yesterday that I was complaining of restlessness and the need to get ‘working’ again. I was bored with staying at home and only recording. Well, to fill you in: last week I shot a big InStyle magazine piece, the cover of Seventeen, hours of ADR for ‘How to Deal’ (glad you guys are liking the trailer by the way), a charity meet and greet, daily recording, meetings with directors, auditions (which terrify me — I just came home from one for a BIG MOVIE), and trying to drag my butt to the gym everyday.” And it doesn’t stop there.

Mandy Moore Struggles With Travel Plagued Romance

February 22, 2003 – Mandy admitted that her long distance romance isn’t easy. She tells Us Weekly, “My boyfriend, Andy Roddick is a tennis player, so it’s a struggle to see each other.” Mandy insists though the two are sticking together. “You make it work,” she says. “During the Australian Open last month, I woke up to watch him on ESPN at 2 AM!”

Mandy Moore Wants To Perform For The Armed Forces

February 13, 2003 – Mandy has posted in the past on her feelings against war, but in response to a fan who happens to be in the Army hoping she’d support perform for the troops, the singer did express interest in supporting the servicemen. “You and all who serve in the armed services are in my thoughts and prayers daily,” Mandy said. “And on that thought, I would love nothing more than to do a concert for the armed forces… Hell, I would love to do any performance in general at this point. I’m itching to get back on stage. I’m going to talk to those in charge and see what happens.”

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