Mandy Moore Very, Very Much In Love

Us Weekly caught up with Mandy Moore to ask about her boyfriend and tennis star Andy Roddick. With Mandy buying a $1.7 million home in Los Angeles that has the singer still living with her parents, she was asked if mom and dad have ever walked in on Andy and herself. “I’ve been lucky enough that it has never happened,” Moore revealed. “I’ve been both lucky and smart.” Asked what it is like to date Roddick, Moore took a dig at ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama responding, “I’m very, very much in love. I have never dated someone who is such a heartthrob. It’s weird – girls are flipping out and want to rip his clothes off. That’s my boyfriend!”

Mandy Moore Phones Into Kidd Kraddick Show

July 21, 2003 – Mandy phoned into the Kidd Kraddick show Friday morning to talk about her latest film, ‘How To Deal’. Moore also talked about her next film which she is working on in Prague and the guy they helped bust claiming he was dating Mandy. Audio has since been removed.

Mandy Moore Has ‘Engaging Screen Presence’ In ‘How To Deal’

July 19, 2003 – Jeff Strickler of the Star Tribune reviewed the Mandy starring ‘How to Deal’. Strickler says, “Moore has an engaging screen presence. She exudes a maturity that seems beyond her real-life age of 19, and that serves her well in this project. Halley is the antithesis of the stereotypical starry-eyed teen. She’s not surprised by setbacks because she expects them.”

Allison Janney Learns A Thing Or Two From Mandy Moore

July 18, 2003 – Actress Allison Janney spoke with The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm about her new movie ‘How to Deal’, and how she had a great experience working with Mandy on the project. “She taught me a thing or two. I was intimidated by her because she’s so young, so accomplished and so grounded,” Janney revealed. “At the beginning of the scenes, she did a little improv and I thought that was so brave of her. She wanted to get the scene going before the cameras rolled. So when the cameras rolled we would be in the middle of the scene, things would be happening and alive. I loved her for that. She wasn’t afraid to make a fool of herself. I’m always afraid to make a fool of myself.” Read more.

Mandy Moore Inspired By Andy To Sing Love Songs

July 18, 2003 – Mandy tells Teen People that dating tennis star Andy Roddick has inspired her, especially when it comes to singing love songs. “I used to think that I had it all figured out,” Mandy said. “Then I went through a period of [thinking], ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’ But being in love gives you something to fall back on. You have something to relate to.”

Mandy Moore Visits The Today Show

July 18, 2003 – Today Show host Katie Couric talked with singer and actress Mandy about her new movie: ‘How to Deal’. Mandy admits she doesn’t really deal with the character she plays, which makes it all the more challenging. Mandy also spoke about ‘A Walk to Remember’, the new movie she’s filming in Prague, and her forthcoming album ‘Coverage’. The video at has since been removed.

Mandy Moore Asks For Andy Roddick, And Gets Him

July 18, 2003 – Allison Janney, who plays Mandy’s mother in the movie ‘How to Deal’ tells the New York Daily News that her romance with tennis star Andy Roddick was the gossip of the set. “I heard that she was so interested in him, and the next thing I knew they were an item,” the ‘West Wing’ star said at the film’s premiere in New York on Wednesday. “The girl asks for what she wants, and she gets it.”

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