Mandy Moore Visits ‘Fox 6 WakeUp’, 103.7 KISS & 99.1 WMYX

Singer and actress Mandy Moore stopped by two Milwaukee radio stations on Thursday (March 22). FOX 6 WakeUp and Tami Hughes visited Moore at 103.7 KISS FM and 99.1 WMYX to discuss her ‘Wild Hope’ promo tour. Watch highlights of Mandy’s interview with Wes, Rahny and Alley of 103.7 KISS below.

Mandy Moore And DJ Split

March 13, 2007 – Mandy and DJ have split, sources close to the couple have confirmed to TMZ. The source says the split took place earlier this month and that it was amicable. “The two remain friends,” one said. Moore will be able to keep her mind off the DJ by staying busy doing promo for her new movie ‘License to Wed’, which she stars in along with Robin Williams. Read more.

Music Is On Mandy Moore’s Mind

February 24, 2007 – Mandy was among the stars at Glamour magazine’s -Day luncheon at Campanile in Los Angeles, which honored women working for peace around the globe. Moore was overheard gushing to fellow guests about her upcoming album, while not talking about her latest film ‘Because I Said So’. “I’ve been in a recording studio in Woodstock working on my music,” Mandy said.

Mandy Moore Pins ‘Wild Hope’ On Folk-Flavored Songs

February 10, 2007 – Mandy spoke with Billboard about her forthcoming album ‘Wild Hope’, and her move to release the disc semi-independently through the Firm Music. “I don’t know if the significance of having an actual label behind you really means anything to people anymore,” she explained. “People are discovering music on MySpace; they’re watching videos on YouTube. I don’t think you need that whole big machine behind you. And in this day and age, I’m happy to be a bit of a guinea pig.”

Mandy Moore Hated Undies Shot In New Film

February 8, 2007 – The Sun reports shy Mandy hated having to take off her clothes for ‘Because I Said So’. The 22-year-old admitted, “I’m super self-conscious. What girl really feels comfortable about being on a gigantic movie screen with her butt there? Everything is in full view, but in the end, I decided just to dive right in and go for it. Why not? I’m embarrassed of it but yeah, it’s over.” The story at has since been removed.

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