Mandy Moore’s Forum Nuked As Fired Moderator Chuckles

Mandy Moore’s official site message board apparently was nuked by someone who got the moderator’s password. bills50000, a former moderator at on the forum, who was fired from moderating duties after his now infamous surprise visit to Mandy’s Florida home, explained, “The incompetant webmaster proceeds to demod the moderator and then ban the moderator. At this time, all the users started spamming, and the incompetant webmaster closed the message board. Good joke of the day.”

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5 thoughts on “Mandy Moore’s Forum Nuked As Fired Moderator Chuckles

  1. candigurrrl says:

    okay I’m a member of Mandy’s message board and what was going on was bull! First of all the issue over the Blender cover had 10 pages worth of posts. Then there was posers using Mandy’s posting name and making rude posts making everyone think it was Mandy who was posting. Then the people who run the board shut down the message boards and replace it with a temporary one. Which was also bull. The webmasters are jerks!

  2. SaucieSarie says:

    I’m also a member of the board, and the webmaster hasn’t done anything productive to help the matter unless you count shutting down the freaking board.

  3. JJPasadena says:

    I too am a MM BBS member and I think what’s going on is totally unprofessional! It’s supposed to be the official BBS?! And they couldn’t get a handle on things so they just shut it down?? Hmm seems kind of like a message board set-up at some small time fan site not something connected to Sony. There also seems to be a ton personal issues going on between the webmaster and ex-moderators. Did O-Town girl get canned? And did she have something to do with it? As far as the Blender topic…that was blown way out of proportion. The BBS is getting a little nuts and I doubt it will be back with the scheduled move involved anyway. Mandy Moore kicks ass and I wonder what her take is in all this.

    PS: Bills5000 showed up on the boards that day posting messages. It was the first that I had ever saw of him since reading the story about him getting fired.

  4. elevation_166 says:

    We have corresponded with’s webmaster and Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. and have offered our forum to continue Mandy’s postings to all members and further their membership. 60% of bbs members are already actively posting here until the official site is able to restore service.

    It is an honor to help Mandy Moore’s fans in this time of crisis. I am the official moderator for another celebrity’s site. I logged on to Mandy’s site Tuesday after their bbs was wiped out and felt so compassionate towards the fans whom had lost all memories of the thoughts and feelings that they shared there that I urged our webmaster and record company to offer the hosting duties for them.

    I am happy to say that many members report contentment an a feeling of security now in our censored bbs.

    Yours Truly,

  5. bills50000 says:

    I feel so incredibly honored to have reached 5 articles posted about me (unless I’ve missed something and there’s more ;)). I’m almost feeling famous… or “infamous” as my bud MusicMan writes. I’d really love to do an interview for you, MusicMan. E-mail me sometime! ;) BTW… my visit to Mandy’s home wasn’t a surprise… her brother and father knew about it and approved it 7 hours in advance, and that was the time that I learned that I’d be going as well. You make it sound like I just walked up to her door and rang the bell (her father actually drove me to the house!).

    Anywho, a few clarifications about the recent board situation. First, I don’t think it’s funny that Mandy no longer has a message board, as I think that the board was very important to her success and will continue to be crucial in the future. What I do think is funny is that “the powers that be” removed the 2 moderators that did the most moderating for the board and expect it to function, especially when it was already having issues. The solution: have the MandyMoore.Com webmaster post threats towards users like a mother would make to her misbehaving 7 year old (something to the effect of “if you don’t behave, no more board!”)? As a business owner myself, it is obvious to me that this is not an acceptable way to treat your customers. Making a decision to take the board down is unprofessional and inappropriate, and in the end, it hurts Mandy the most. I’d like to suggest that the fans complain to Sony, saying that not having a board is limiting their ability to be a fan.


    Also, the person above that is saying that his board is the official one is full of it. There’s no way that 60% of the members at the MMMB are posting there, as only about 5% of the registered users at the MMMB actually post. I’d estimate that 30,000 users were registered for the MMMB, so with .6 x 30,000 being 18,000, when there’s over 18,000 posts there, I’ll believe it. ;)

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