Mandy Moore’s Heartbreak Over Elijah Wood Hard To Watch

The New York Post reports Elijah Wood had a romance with is ‘Try Seventeen’ co-star Mandy Moore, but began dating another woman on the film, 27-year-old Franka Potente. Liz Smith said, “The palpable heartbreak of young Mandy has been hard for co-workers to watch, as Elijah and Franka moon around over one another on the set.” For the record, Mandy finished ‘Try Seventeen’ awhile ago and has consistently denied dating Elijah.

Mandy Moore To Hunt For Boyfriend Down Under

June 2, 2002 – Mandy tells The Sunday Telegraph that she’s on a mission to meet an eligible Sydney bachelor when she travels to Australia in July. “If I have any free time, I’ll just be scouring the streets trying to find a new friend,” she revealed. “That would be a wonderful thing. I’m all for at least making new friends and just meeting new people. Maybe I’ll be lucky and do that when I’m down there. I’ve dated here and there after the break-up (with That ’70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama), but nothing too serious.”

Mandy Moore Excited After ‘Walk’ Win

June 2, 2002 – Mandy checked in on her official site’s message boards on Sunday following her big win at the MTV Movie Awards last night where she took home the prize for Breakthru Female in ‘A Walk to Remember’. Mandy said, “Thank you! I wasn’t ever supposed to be the girl who won and it is all owed to you guys! I am excited people responded to ‘Walk’, but to be recognized for something I feel so passionately about is truly remarkable.”

Mandy Moore Goes On Blind Date

May 31, 2002 – Mandy was quizzed by fans today on her official site’s forum if she would ever consider going on a blind date. Mandy revealed, “I did a few weeks ago actually. It was fun.”

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