Mandy Moore’s MTV Movie Award Vintage Halter Dress

Us Weekly spoke with Mandy Moore’s stylist Estee Stanley about the vintage Lillie Rubin halter dress the singer/actress wore to the 2002 MTV Movie Awards on June 1st. Stanley says she and her partner Christina Ehrlich found the dress at a vintage shop in Los Angeles called Decades. “It’s fun and funky and complemented Mandy’s skin.”

Remembers It’s Simply Luck And Talent

June 30, 2002 – Jim Schembri of The Age caught up with Mandy recently who talked frankly about how lucky she is to be in the position where she’s at now. “There are so many people in the world that are prettier, that sing better, that can act better, that even have more drive than I do,” she says. “Not to say that I didn’t work hard, because I worked my butt off to get where I am today, but you always have to remember how (success) simply is luck and talent.” Read more.

Explains ‘How To Deal’ Role

June 30, 2002 – Karen Bliss of Rolling Stone talked briefly with Mandy about her latest film role in ‘How To Deal’. Mandy explains, “I play a cynical, jaded teenage girl who doesn’t really believe in love because there are all these examples of love gone wrong around her. I haven’t had the opportunity to be [like the character], but I guess I’ll get all my anger and frustration out by taking on this role.”

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