Mandy Moore’s Party In The Sky reports has admitted she and family are such fans skydiving that they decided to mark her brother’s birthday in the sky. “We’re daredevils. It’s so much fun if you’ve never been,” Moore said. “The first time I went, I went with my parents and [boyfriend Andy Roddick]. They had already jumped out of a plane so I didn’t wanna be the baby or a chicken so I just went after them.”

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3 thoughts on “Mandy Moore’s Party In The Sky

  1. mandysman_187 says:

    Unfortunately, the “real” Mandy Moore doesn’t post on the Sony board. “MANDYMOORE” is just a username that we moderators use to pretend that we’re Mandy Moore. We had a pretty good scam going for a while because we could sell those posts to Popdirt. But now the “real” Mandy has threatened to sue us if we don’t come clean with our scam. :( So, that’s really how it is kids. Angela627 is going to be in some serious doodoo because she is still fraudulently posting as “MANDYMOORE” and making her say cool stuff about her like she personally knows her or something. She is just a loner that is desperate for attention and pretending to know Mandy Moore is her only way to be popular. I’m sorry for fooling you everyone. Jerry

  2. Angela627 says:

    yes, I’m very sure posting this yet again will make your accusations believable, right… like I said, be my guest, you are more than welcome to call authority and get legal services to look into your accusations. In fact, please do. They would only discover the truth, which is that you were lying all along, so please I beg you, go to the authorities and tell them anything you want. I WANT authorities to look into this

  3. Cicero says:

    Don’t worry, he’s obviously lying. I’m new here, and it’s dead obvious.

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