Mandy Moore’s Pee Pee Problems

talked on her official site’s message board about her puppy Oliver saying, “He is the sweetest thing ever. He does sleep with me every night (or my parents) but he doesn’t travel with us overseas (he can’t). He is being a bad boy at home right now (he can’t seem to find his wee-wee pad to use when he has to go the bathroom). Hehe.”

Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams Prefers

September 22, 2001 – During an online interview with, Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams responded to whether he liked Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera better by saying Britney, but added “I like better than any of them.”

Mandy Says She Doesn’t Think Pop Is Dying Out

September 21, 2001 – Mandy Moore commented on the outlook for pop music on her message boards saying, “I don’t think pop is dying out, but it is changing. we are growing up (pop consumers) and refuse the be fed the same rehashed stuff anymore.”

As for her personal goals and selling music, Mandy is realistic saying, “I DON’T care how many albums are sold. It is nice to have a lil plaque on the wall, but it’s better to see people enjoying the music. I realize I am never gonna be the superstar artist who sells 2 million the first week and I am more than OK with that.”

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