Mandy Moore’s Rumor Mill Makes The Message Clear

Because of the flood of questions asking about Mandy Moore and her ‘A Walk To Remember’ co-star Shane West are dating, when you visit the ‘Rumor Mill’ section of Mandy’s official site message board, atop the page you see in bold type: “Note: Mandy and Shane are NOT dating!”

Britney Is YM’S Top Girl Who Changed MTV

March 9, 2002 – YM’s MTV Issue (April 2002) reveals the ’25 Women Who’ve Changed MTV’ is #1, beating-out her idols, Madonna #2 & Janet Jackson #3. She even edged-out pop rivals Christina Aguilera #7 & Mandy Moore #19. J.Lo came it at #4, while Shakira was #9, just slipping by at #10.

Mumba Doesn’t Compare Role To Britney Or Mandy Films

March 8, 2002 – Lynn Barker of Teen Hollywood spoke with Samantha Mumba ahead of ‘The Time Machine’ release today. When asked if she’s seen the films by other pop artists like or Mandy Moore, Mumba said, “No because I just came to the states and they weren’t out in Ireland. I wouldn’t compare any of the roles. They are very different. This film was very challenging and extremely technical with all the CGI effects and everything. I think it was harder than doing just a romantic story but I haven’t seen their movies. I think it’s great that the girls are doing that. I think the timing is quite bad so it looks like we’re doing it at the same time.” The full interview at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Mandy Moore’s Rumor Mill Makes The Message Clear

  1. kathleen says:

    hi! hope Mandy and Shane will have a movie come back…
    its ok if its the same type of story but please in the end hope no one will die….i can’t wait to see them working together again!!!thank you so much..god bless.

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