Manufactured Music?

Simona Chiose of the Globe and Mail was on hand at Toronto’s Canada Centre for the first of two Justified and Stripped concerts featuring *NSYNC star and Christina Aguilera. She proclaimed in teenybopper-ese: “Oh mi God, oh mi god, oh mi god. I can’t stop saying that. I went to the Justin Timberlake and show. He is so hot, he is even hotter than the posters I used to have up in my bedroom when he was in ‘N Sync. But he still looks boyish, even though he’s 22 or something. My age! Yay!”

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10 thoughts on “Manufactured Music?

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    um ok…and this is significant because??!! if I wanted to read that kinda stuff I’d go to the teeny NSYNC boards on AOL!

  2. danica00 says:

    Ever heard of sarcasm? That article is a shot to those gullible enough to buy the whole Timberlake and Aguilera “we’ve taken giant leaps from our teenybopper past” marketing strategy. It”s all the same really, just with a different name.

  3. Tig says:

    Please don’t tell me this review was published? This person sounds like an idiot and a groupie. 1st things 1st-someone give me an aspirin. After reading 1 paragraph I have a splitting headache. One word describes this review: “MISTAKE”.

  4. BringMeToLife says:

    Oh Mi Gawd!! That was totally hilarious!! Hee Haw!! Yeah all there fans are teenies!! lmao Yah their so like manufactured!

  5. britisdabestever says:

    lol…this is kinda right….cuz since I lived in T.O. I went to the Justified and Stripped tour on Tuesday night….they did so well…and Justin still did look boyish….but nuttin’s wrong with that…..!!!

  6. Xtinasman says:

    Did a 12 year old write that crap? That sounds like a dumb lil kid wrote it. Whatever. I still love Christina. I love you baby.

  7. -SunnyLou- says:

    You’re a thousand times worse than BringMe if she actually makes you mad. You’re also f**kin’ stupid if you haven’t figured out that she’s just mocking psycho fans like yourself.

  8. SourPatchKid says:

    “The new album, Justified, is really great. Ashley, who loves Justin almost as much as I do, was telling me that Timbaland worked on it with him …”

    Okay, anyone who knows anything about Justified knows that Timbaland (and The Neptunes) co-produced the album with Justin. If your sister who loves Justin “almost as much” as you do knows this and you don’t, that’s a problem. This chick definitely doesn’t care about the music as much as he is good looking, which is really sad. She’s 22?! She acts like a 16 year old. It’s “fans” like this who give Justin / *NSYNC fans a bad reputation.

  9. -SunnyLou- says:

    Guys, she was being sarcastic. So don’t get too riled up. She’s kind of like BringMe — making a total parody of some truly stupid people and then being branded a retard herself, despite the fact that if you just took two seconds to look past the fact that she’s “dissing Xtina” you’d see that she’s not really an idiot, just pretending to be one. Being sarcastic and that you’re kinda silly if it pisses you off that bad.

  10. BringMeToLifee says:

    EWW! I will not bring a penis to your ass you sick child! Oh god! I will truly pray for your pathetic soul alrite? =) Hee Haw alrite! I’ll be your friend seeing as you have none! Damn Stan

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