Marc Jacobs Spring 2005 Women’s Fashion Show

, Marc Anthony, Josh Hartnett, and Mandy Moore were on hand for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2005 Women’s Fashion Show and celebration of the womens fragrance ‘Blush’ during Olympus Fashion Week in New York City on Monday ( 13).

Mandy Moore Briefly Dates Zach Braff

September 14, 2004 – Friends of ‘Scrubs’ actor Zach Braff tell The Insider’s Marc Malkin that he recently went on a couple of dates with Mandy. Their romance was short-lived and Zach has told friends he’s not looking for anything too serious right now.

Mandy Moore Feels A Responsibility About How She Presents Herself

September 11, 2004 – Verve magazine spoke briefly with Mandy about the pressures of conforming to what Britney Spears and wear. “I think you can’t escape feeling a sense of responsibility,” Moore said. “When I get dressed to go out, I want to wear what I want, and I guess fortunately, for me, I like wearing something classy. I like wearing things that I feel comfortable and confident in. I don’t feel the need to go out with tons of cleavage and miniskirts and tube tops. I’m just happy being me.”

Mandy Moore Considers Break From The Spotlight

August 31, 2004 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Mandy wants to step away from the spotlight in the future because her early rise to fame delayed her dreams of traveling, studying history and fashion and opening a “theatre for young people.” The singer/actress said, “What I do doesn’t define me. I’m only 20. I don’t know I’ll still want to do this in five years’ time, never mind the rest of my life. There’s other stuff I’m interested in.”

Mandy Moore’s Summer Update

August 21, 2004 – Mandy posted an audio message, since removed, to fans on her official website. She talked about her summer, the work she’s doing on her new album which she hopes will be out early next year, her planned visit to the UK to promote ‘Saved’, and she talked about her new dog .

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