Marie Digby: There’s No Deception Here

posted another blog to fans on her MySpace page (@mariedigby) on Sunday (September 9) in reaction to the Wall Street Journal article questioning her credibility.

“My MySpace and my YouTube (to this day) does not say Hollywood Records,” she writes. “Why? Because I started both on my own and I manage every aspect of it. Every email, every blog, every video… that is me. My MySpace was created in 2004, a year before I was even close to being signed. I created the YouTube account so that I could post videos of myself singing both covers and original songs. Hollywood Records does not define who I am a musician. It should not make you like me more, make you like me less, or make you listen to me differently in any way. I want you to listen to my music, that’s it. If you wanted to know if I was signed or not you could do one of many things – 1. Put my name in Google or Wikipedia 2. Ask me, email me 3. Come to any of my shows over the last 5 months and receive a free CD sampler with the Hollywood Records Logo. It’s no secret, there is no deception here. Oh and lastly, I never once had on any of my pages – ‘Unsigned’. Now that, would have been lying.”

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