Marie Digby: There’s No Deception Here

posted another blog to fans on her MySpace page (@mariedigby) on Sunday ( 9) in reaction to the Wall Street Journal article questioning her credibility.

“My MySpace and my YouTube (to this day) does not say Hollywood Records,” she writes. “Why? Because I started both on my own and I manage every aspect of it. Every email, every blog, every video… that is me. My MySpace was created in 2004, a year before I was even close to being signed. I created the YouTube account so that I could post videos of myself singing both covers and original songs. Hollywood Records does not define who I am a musician. It should not make you like me more, make you like me less, or make you listen to me differently in any way. I want you to listen to my music, that’s it. If you wanted to know if I was signed or not you could do one of many things – 1. Put my name in Google or Wikipedia 2. Ask me, email me 3. Come to any of my shows over the last 5 months and receive a free CD sampler with the Hollywood Records Logo. It’s no secret, there is no deception here. Oh and lastly, I never once had on any of my pages – ‘Unsigned’. Now that, would have been lying.”

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