Maria Mena On ‘White Turns Blue’ & Being Taken Seriously

Singer songwriter Maria Mena featured in an electronic press kit talking about her musical beginnings, the 'White Turns Blue' album title, what 'You Are The Only One' is about and being 18 and not being taken has an electronic press kit posted for Maria Mena, who talked about her new album ‘White Turns Blue’, due out July 20th.

“I started writing songs when I was eleven years old,” Mena explained about her start as a singer songwriter. “My dad and my mom and my friends didn’t know I wrote songs or actually sang, so one day on the bus I sang the song in front of my dad. He asked is that something on TV? I said no, I wrote that song and he asked me do you want to make a demo, because he wanted me to hear my voice on tape.”

The album title was thanks to a friend. “The title of the album is ‘White Turns Blue’, it’s a poem that my very best friend wrote to me during a very dark period,” Mena said. “This poem basically helped me get out of there, and finish the album.”

As for the first single, she said, “‘You Are The Only One’ is about all of my friends. Every verse is about someone different, but it sounds like it’s about one guy, and I like that. It sort of is telling all of my friends I appreciate them and I love them.”

“I think because I’m 18 I have to struggle to have people take me seriously when I write,” Maria suggested. “A lot of people question when you are 18 are you able to write about your life experience. I think I am. I get more life experience writing songs.”

Watch the video clip, which includes snippets from the album, below.

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