Maria Mena Reads Up On Fan Postings

posted a message to fans on her official website diary on Wednesday (March 15). She writes, “I’m still sick ;( – so I figured I’d read up on your posts… The off topic ones as well.. I love reading which other artists you all like.. We actually seem to listen to a lot of the same stuff. I’m a fan! I’ve gotten to see him live 2 times… I was in Oslo a long time ago, and I saw him at a nightclub in new york. You should all check out The John Mayer Trio! and the stuff he’s done with Brad Paysley! I also recommend ‘Brighteyes’ and the wonderful singer/songwriter that I’m listening to as I’m writing this entry.. The woman who is inspiring me to start writing songs again this time around ‘Jonatha Brooke’ – I absolutely love the way she sings and uses her voice. She has a song (now I should warn you; this is a sad song) that’s called ‘Inconsolable’ ….. this is the song I listen to whenever I’m down.. Somehow it really helps! Puts words to my thoughts! Check her out! Anyway not much has changed since yesterday… I’ve watched 7 episodes of ‘Sopranos’… I’m completely crazy about that show! I’ve gotten to season number 4. ;) I’m such a dork…. I dream that I’m in the mafia.. Actually, last night I dreamt that Britney and Kevin Federline got a divorce… Where did that one come from? I mean, I couldn’t care less about them, so why would I have dreams about them? Whatever. That’s it for now… It’s still cold and I should do my laundry! Have a good one. Love, m”

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