Mariah And Christina – The Queens Of The Kooky Land

Contributed Anonymously:

These B-A-N-A-N-A-S , sings the sexy and multi-talented Gwen Stefani in her latest single. And even though she is in no way referring to the two biggest, most disillusioned kookies in the music land.

First is Mariah Carey, who had a poor childhood that caused her to be forever trapped in that creepy, childish, world, releasing albums after albums called , “Butterfly” and “Charmbracelet” With her big fake boobs, her plastic smile and her cutesy demeanor, you can be sure that Mariah still thinks she is a teen.

I guess it is alright to act like a child since it’s pretty apparent from her singles how complicated a person she really is. “Heart-breaker” , “Dream-lover” and “Lover-boy” —oooh God, please make this screeching beast stop. But she should always pose for Playboy, just to prove that she can be a woman and be “artistic’

is even better. With her amazing height of all four feet ten, she’s officially the tallest blow up doll in a porn shop. When she first came out, she was all Britney Spears, talking valley, all peroxide blonde, and giggly. When she realized white was not selling, she put on a Spanish dress, learned to say “Quiero taco bell” and turned Latina! Then she pulled a and filmed a soft porn , “Dirrty” (Thank you, Christina :) ) and was all of a sudden, “artistic” !!! Could it actually be autistic. And if that was the end of it, she even turned ghetto queen and walked the streets like any respectable little hooker would in her “Can’t Hold us down”. Now she’s a Marilyn Monroe. My oh my, our little cracker has gone down the kooky land far too often .

Christina and Mariah are side show clones but I still insist that they both should pose for Playboy.

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