Mariah And Eminem On Celebrities Uncensored

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According to the most recent commercial for E!’s candid paparazzi show ‘Celebrities Uncensored’ – they will be showing an exclusive old clip of and former fling Eminem getting into the same car after leaving an LA club together, fueling speculation that Eminem and Mariah did once date. The episode will air November 14th at 10:00pm ET/PT on E!.

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7 thoughts on “Mariah And Eminem On Celebrities Uncensored

  1. SJ says:

    CAN’T WAIT! LOL… (By the way not everyone who goes to a club together or leaves a club together is dating… they could be JUST FRIENDS :)

  2. mikemc says:

    ^^Exactly, Mariah ADMITTED they hung out together and were cool with one another. That doesn’t justify his claims that they dated. Remember people, this is the same man who said Christina gave him VD.

  3. shadybaby says:

    Finally the truth,everybody knew that they dated before I think there a nice couple,someone watch it and see if they do anything unusual and see if they act like a couple or just friends,it’s all about the body language and I think they did screw but and I am a Mariah fan so don’t say anything,can’t what to watch it!

  4. devon22 says:

    Mariah looks like a liar in this thing. Way back there was word going about that they had been together and broke up her representatives were telling the press that she had been enjoying his company and was sorry that was ending. He told interviewers “we did have something of a relationship” and “on a whole personal level I wasn’t feeling it. I just don’t like her as a person. This has taught me not to believe the hype”. He also suggested in a song that she’d wanted a heavy commitment from him. Then that former friend of Eminem’s (his ex-wife’s cousin) wrote a surprise tell all book and quotes were used in the press about crazy sounding baby talk sexy messages that she left him. All of a sudden Mariah was saying that she had only ever talked on the phone to him a time or two…except for other times when she claimed that all she’d done is jumped on his trampoline. So why the heck had her people said that about it “ending” then? Then she suggested in the “Clown” song that she knew some big secret of his (he told you this incredible secret even though you supposedly barely know the guy?!) and he predicted would grow old alone (the guy lives with and provides for his half-brother, his daughter, his niece who he adopted, his mother’s sister her husband and their 3 boys, and sometimes his ex-wife and her new baby – I think Mariah with no kids who had a breakdown after her dad died is more in danger of loneliness). Eminem really hadn’t said much about her or even claimed they had sex, but I think Mariah was threatened by what the tell all book woman might say (she later appeared on a British documentary saying that Eminem broke up with Mariah because she was jealous of his daughter and the time he spent with the kid). I also think that she was regretting everything she did during that mixed up part of her life and wanted to hide this romance with a rap hooligan as part of her damage control efforts. It is interesting that a number of sources said that they had a relationship (the tell all, 50 cent, a statement before all the trouble by Em’s live in uncle about a neighbor who had loved Em ever since he’d brought Mariah over to visit the dude’s family with him). Where the heck are Mariah’s friends? If she’s was telling the truth when she said that she regularly leaves off color messages on the answering machines of people she hardly knows where were all these people to back her up? There should be loads of them out there. The only person standing by Mariah’s version of the story (whatever that version is at the given moment) is Mariah – and you can’t tell me that it’s because she’s been telling people to rise above it because she’s said the ugliest things and talked the most in this mess. I don’t buy it. Especially because he tends to be so private and reclusive about so many things. When he dated and later split with Brittany Murphy he didn’t let slip a thing. They kept the whole thing private until Brittany herself finally broke under Letterman’s persistent questioning.

  5. MariahCareyFreak says:

    LOL! You’re full of crap! Eminem said he’d kill his own mother. Eminem is a Liar! Get Over it! Eminem and Mariah didn’t date!

  6. devon22 says:

    I don’t see how what Eminem has said about his Mom in hyperbole in his more horror core style raps has any bearing here. I was referring to this actual situation between Mariah and Eminem, the evidence that is available in regard to it, and inferences that can be logically drawn. You are making blanket statements that are apparently drawn out of the personal prejudices. Eminem has made some violent statements in his art. Does that make Mariah’s changing claims (most of which in no way include going to a club with the guy) any less contradictory. No.

  7. monarc20 says:

    Like (MikeMC) said Mariah already said she has hung out with Eminem a few time’s. Arrest her …lol..really get over it. It’s so obvious MC and Em where getting along and then Em came on to Mariah and she let him down. So he got pissed cause he couldn’t have the biggest selling Female Artist of all time dumping him. So he ran out, like any guy would saying he was with her. Actually he never even said they had sex he said they had a relationship, the media blow it out of proportion!

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