Mariah And J.Lo Start Strong With New Singles

Rivals Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are enjoying chart success with their respective comeback singles. ‘Get Right’ is the highest new entry for Lopez at #62 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks since June 2001, when ‘I’m Real’ started at #61. Meanwhile, Mariah’s ‘It’s Like That’ has her highest new entry on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks in more than five years at #58.

Cute Baby Makes Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez Melt

January 16, 2005 – Us Weekly reports that while Jennifer and Marc were browsing for lingerie at Fred Segal in West Hollywood on January 2nd, both stars went gaga for a baby a mother in the store was holding. “Marc kept saying, ‘That’s the most beautiful baby!’,” a shopper revealed, with J.Lo joining in on the cooing.

Lopez Won’t Repeat Bennifer Mistakes

January 12, 2005 – In the latest issue of Vogue magazine, Jennifer Lopez speaks out about her current marriage to Marc Anthony, her mistakes with actor Ben Affleck and her upcoming Spanish album. “When everything was happening with Ben,” she says, “I realized talking about stuff just feeds the machine. It threatens what I love most; my work. And it is also very, very dangerous for my personal life. I was very open, and it didn’t work for me.”

Britney Spears And Jennifer Lopez Fuel Pregnancy Talk

January 10, 2005 – According to Us Weekly, Jennifer and Britney both spent December 22nd fueling speculation they are pregnant. While J.Lo left empty handed with hubby Marc Anthony browsing the Liz Lange maternity boutique in Long Island, Britney’s hubby Kevin Federline was spotted buying an e.p.t. home pregnancy test at the McComb, Louisiana Wal-Mart. Spears’ rep insisted, “Britney is not pregnant.”

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7 thoughts on “Mariah And J.Lo Start Strong With New Singles

  1. Diamond_Queen_Japonica_8 says:

    I hope Britney doesn’t have a baby girl cause she’ll scar it for life by giving her the name “Aurora”…. (Just joking, LOL…we all know that the worst name that a celeb can give to their child is “Apple”) I would only be convinced that JLo and Bit-Bit are not pregnant, if I see them months later, without displaying a huge bump.

  2. trluk says:

    Neither are stupid enough to get pregnant with new albums coming out. Anyway Britney probably got Kevin to do that just so he’d get seen and she’d get more attention. Her ways are predictable.

  3. ko says:

    J.Lo would be a great mother. Britney should abort anything that comes out of her pu$$y! With her and Kev’s genes, the baby would most likely come out deformed or mentally challenged, a crack baby, flounder-ish eyes (like her ugly mother), lazy and beyond ignorant. Poor thing is destined to be an ugly piece of sh**. But by the time it matures, I’m sure Britney will share her plastic surgeon’s services.

  4. Carrie says:

    I’m getting fed up of the pregnancy rumors. It’s very apparent that when these two want to be the talk of the town the pregnancy rumors resurfacing. As for Brit, she’s 22. If she’s not pregnant yet, it’s because she doesn’t want to be. She’s in her fertile years. As far as J Lo goes, I’m convinced that she has fertility problems. She won’t get pregnant unless she undergoes surgery or treatment or what have you. I doubt it very much that she would become pregnant without some sort of treatment. Hey, sometimes no matter how much money is at your disposal, if you can’t get pregnant, you can’t. Pregnancy might take some serious work for her much like Julia Roberts.

  5. Mable says:

    if she has no respect for family values. Marc Anthony had two small children, yet she had no problem with separating him from his family. A woman with true maternal instincts and concern for children would never have condoned marrying a man that fast, whose wife had just birthed their child. She would have had compassion for those young children, and at least waited until the situation could have worked itself out in a decent manner, and sparing Dayanara Torres the pain and humiliation that she must have suffered. If Marc did love Lopez all along, he was wrong to string Torres along, marry her, have two children, and then divorce her and marry Lopez 4 days later, leaving Torres to find this out on the internet. If you love someone you should be with them, but you don’t dog out other people. So where is Lopez’s concern for the those two little boys with an absent father. Did she ever consider the feelings of his innocent young children, before Marc rushed to the Dominican Republic and divorced Torres to marry her? And hopefully Torres is shielding those children from being able to see their father galavanting around the world with Lopez, and hearing these countless stories about how Lopez wants to have children with Marc, when he left his own! He cheated on his wife with a waitress, committed adultery with Lopez, dumped his wife and married Lopez 4 days later and they want children, and to be able to live happily ever after! Karma comes back to bite all those who willfully mistreat other human beings, regardless to who it is.

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    Hold on just a second: First off, you’re going off on a topic that you have no knowledge of. First off, Marc left Dayannara, Jennifer didn’t leave Dayannara. They started seeing each other, and had been seeing each other for 5 months before they got married. The whole world knew this, do you really think Dayannara didn’t know and didn’t find out until afterwards on the internet that they had gotten married? That’s laughable. Third, Marc gets to see his children quite often, and Jennifer is often around as well. Lastly, Jennifer has a very good relationship with Arianna, Marc’s first daughter. They have such a good relationship that Arianna is often seen on Jen’s movie sets, can be seen in her latest video, and provided back up vocals for “Get Right”. You’re judging based on tabloid speculation, and that’s not fair.

  7. Carrie says:

    I’m still a diehard fan of J Lo but I know she did wrong by snatching Marc that quickly. I always guessed she did it to separate herself of the Affleck embarrassment. To me it’s all temporary. I don’t see her with Marc for too many years. First of all she hardly smiles like she used to. She’s just putting up a front for now. Believe me, it’s a matter of time. A woman whose truly in love does not stay in a relationship for long unless she’s so needy of her partners funds and Jennifer is very far from that.

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