Mariah And Snoop Shoot ‘Say Somethin’ Video

and Snoop Dogg were photographed on location for Mariah’s ‘Say Somethin” music video on Thursday (March 23) at Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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6 thoughts on “Mariah And Snoop Shoot ‘Say Somethin’ Video

  1. texassoftballchick says:

    This is all we need…’, ‘A dumazz rapper who is full of crap, and a crappy singer who wished she had black street cred. They belong together.

  2. ScorpionMan says:

    Martin Luther must be spinning in his grave. MLK didn’t die for some wigga, fat, stupid whore to ca$h in on the black dollar! For about 10 years Mooriah wouldn’t have even looked at a black artist, BUT THEN they became popular and she, being the desperate, talentless hog she is, rents any rapper going to be on her crappy, boring singles. Thankfully it didn’t work and she FLOPPED for 6 years. But somehow her label have managed to whore her enough to actually convince some dim-wits to buy her crappy sh!t. Is it any wonder the music industry is dead when a brain dead slut like Mooriah has the #1 album?

  3. Ses says:

    Mariah had her year…I don’t think this single will help her album in Billboard though.

    Why did Mariah wait too long for the release of ‘Say Somethin’?…Really bad commercial decision… TEOM has already lost steam in Billboard & has virtually zero sales outside the U.S. already…She must release this single in the U.S. only though… She shouldn’t follow Kelly Clarkson who released another song because ‘Breakaway’ is still in the top 20…She just repeated the mistake of Gwen Stefani who released ‘Crash’ even though her ‘L.A.M.B.’ album has already slipped down the U.S. charts.

  4. aurora_borealis says:

    Mariah has the #1 album because she’s got talent n the voice.period.what’s the big deal

  5. estephania says:

    This video will be exactly like all the other crap videos with a rent-a-rappers. You could put it on mute and think it was any one of her last 10 songs. This girl needs something new, however, much like Divinah, she likes to recycle the same, tired old crap. No originality at all. Watch this space for Divinah to post the same old comments again, you all know it’s just a matter of time.

  6. popfan_23 says:

    That’s weird same store, different country (I guess Snoop decided not to go to Paris. You can definitely see the effects of the work-outs, she looks more toned (and I love how everybody’s initials are on the luggage.)

    For about 10 years Mariah wouldn’t have even looked at a black artist?’, ‘Let’s examine this further shall we….. Mariah has been around since 1990, in 1992 she performed a duet with Trey Lorenz (a black R&B artist) called “Till be There maybe you’ve heard of it, it was Carey’s breakthrough international hit, becoming her most successful single (up to that point) in numerous markets. Then in 1995……. ah to make a long story short all of her duets, and remixes (except one) have been with black artists, so don’t write things you don’t know about. Is it any wonder the music industry is dead when a braindead slut has the #1 album? I don’t know, let’s ask Madonna, she had the number one album for a week, let’s get her opinion on the matter.

    Actually darling, only 4 of her 17 #1’s were collaborations’, ‘and as long as they’re her songs that she’s written, and appear on her album she’ll get full crdit (when a rapper is collaborating with you they write their own part, after hearing the base first, and then add it, why is why they only get credit for their rap and the whole song)

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