Mariah Carey, Blue, Geri Halliwell Win 2001 Insiders’ Awards awarded their 2001 Insiders’ Awards with least surprising split going to All Saints, Best 80s Revival Thing going to Mariah Carey where they said, “They all tried their hand at the ‘oh so fashionable’ 80s sound but the only one who got it right was ‘Riah, reminding us how chunky those beats used to be on the soundtrack to Glitter.” As for The Kleenex Award for Most Droolworthy Band, took the honors. And yeah, is owned by Virgin Records, so the correlation between winners and their label’s artists shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Original Considers Legal Action Against Boy Band

December 23, 2001 – Discoweb reports seventies rockers are considering legal action against UK pop stars Blue who are using the same name. The band’s spokesperson and record company boss Matt Nicholson has been in talks with Virgin about the situation saying, “Letters have been exchanged by both parties. I am puzzled why there wasn’t a thorough check to see if there was a group with the same name.”

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