Mariah Can’t Hit the High Notes… Here’s Why

The New York Post is reporting is wanting to stop taking her two anti-depressants she has been taking since her breakdown. While Virgin execs tell her it is important she stay healthy, Mariah is concerned about her inability to hit her patented high notes while on the medication. Several have noted her limited range following the America: Tribute to Heroes performance.

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One thought on “Mariah Can’t Hit the High Notes… Here’s Why

  1. Serenity Ontario says:

    this is bullsh** this person has nothing better to don’t then read stupid fake mags with fake stories and believe them heres a hint get off your stupid computer and get a life loser she was just tried not suicidal as the stupid papers made her out to be she was just tried all she need was a few days sleep she is human not God you idiot and her voice was fine and still is.

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