Mariah Carey Album 2004?

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On the night landed in the Philippines for the first time, Filipino fans followed her into Makati City Hotel, where they got a chance to talk to her people while in the lobby.

One of those people was Lionel Cole, Mariah’s pianist and co-writer of several Charmbracelet album cuts (including “Through The Rain”). While talking, fans were able to ask him about plans to release a new Mariah album next year.

According Lionel, they are already gathering new material and are planning some concepts but it might be impossible to release next year due to Mariah’s future commitments after her world tour ends. He rather added that it is more possible that the new album will be released in 2005.

Mr. Cole also commented on how Charmbracelet is doing on the chart and sales wise.”It’s doing well! Slowly but surely”, he said.

Source: Philippine Mariah Carey Fan Club/ Mariah Daily

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Album 2004?

  1. Homertime says:

    I hope she releases another album in 2004, but if she doesn’t, at least her other projects will allow her to branch out and take in new experiences. If anything, release the “Bringin’ On The Heartbeak” remixes. And it would be great if she released the original version of “Loverboy” with the original “Firecracker” sample, as a b-side or something. That would be sweet. You know the haters are gonna say she’s not releasing another album because it’ll flop. They just can’t take it that Mariah is here to stay and that “Charmbracelet” is a success.

  2. mariahsbiggestfan says:

    That’s true. I do wish she’d release the original version of Loverboy. I know that it sounded good. I also wish that they would have released the video to last night a DJ saved my life. I really love that song. I loved the whole glitter album despite all the negative reviews.

  3. niceg says:

    Yes, please release more songs so that the lamb-hos can go out and buy more. And more #1s flops! good news. maybe she’s working on Glitter part 2 which is fantastic! By the time we know it, she’ll die slowly, but surely. ha ha! And did the lamb-hos read the news? No VIP treatment for MC in Philippines because she may have hid some bomb under those plastic boobs! Or maybe she did not pass the drag queen test!

  4. Homertime says:

    Saddest thing is, you probably thought that was clever.

  5. SJ says:

    I can’t wait for Mariah Carey’s new album!. Its gonna be off the hook for sure!

  6. Crusader says:

    This stupid fool actually thinks he’s funny, that’s also pretty sad!

  7. niceg says:

    The saddest of all is that you lamb-hos Homertime and Crusader never got to CLOWN in the Mariah circus. Damn! This was funnier than I thought :) lol

  8. mariahsbiggestfan says:

    I’m all down for people making fun, but when you start talking about someone dying I have a problem with that. I really don’t give a damn about you not liking Mariah Carey, but you have went too far. I would never wish for someone to die ( and neither would anyone with sense wish that crap).

  9. niceg says:

    One can go Never too far away with making jokes about Mariah Carey and her lambs. Looks like with another album she’ll make it to the “Electronic Charts” again, lol! What a success of not being able to ever go to the Albums or Singles chart again. Nobody can’t take that away her.

  10. Madfan says:

    I simply CAN’T wait for another Mariah Carey CD. It’s gonna be a huge FLOP for sure.

  11. monarc20 says:

    I can’t wait to hear Mariah’s New Album, I hope she release’s it by the end of next year. It’s good she’s taking her time with this Album though cause she hasn’t taken this much time to do an Album in awhile. I have a feeling her next Album’s gonna blow “Charmbracelet” away cause that was just her Album to but “Glitter” in the past. She pulled that off beautifully getting a #3 Hit with Busta on “I Know What You Want” and “Charmbracelet” gave her, her second biggest opening week.

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