Mariah Carey And Madonna’s Pre-Grammy Fight

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Well, according to the New York Daily News — I love this kind of gossip. Madonna and Mariah Carey are fighting over which one of them gets to open the Grammy show Wednesday night. First of all, how many think Mariah Carey should do it? [Light cheers and applause] How many think Madonna? [Screams and applause] How many don’t care, as long as neither one of them promises to never make another movie again? [Cheers and applause]”

Madonna Says Guy’s To Blame For Her Muscular Body

February 8, 2006 – Madonna says a lot of the blame for her toned physique is due to hubby Guy Ritchie. “I choose men who like carved-out women. The ‘Can you run for the bus?’ kind of guy,” she explained to Elle magazine. The singer added that she wished she didn’t have to work out three hours a day to satisfy her husband. “I wish I were comfortable enough to look zatfig,” she said referring to the Yiddish word for having a full and shapely figure.

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