Mariah Carey Annoys With Absentee VMA Dress Rehearsal

A guest at the National Hotel wasn’t happy with the MTV Video Music Awards dress rehearsal — which didn’t include Carey. “She insisted upon a full-dress rehearsal, without her, on Saturday night,” the guest complained to the New York Daily News. “And she may be on vocal rest, but that didn’t stop her drinking and partying until 3 a.m. on Friday night.”

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8 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Annoys With Absentee VMA Dress Rehearsal

  1. maryfingsunshine says:

    Due to the hurricane, they had to pre-tape her rehearsals just in case they couldn’t go live to The National Hotel the night of the show. Obviously, Mariah was at all of the rehearsals.

  2. divinah says:

    as befits the highest selling female artist of ALL time

  3. EdwardAlex says:

    div the story isn’t about madonna.. I know your obsessed and all. But its about ms.’, ‘diva mariah

  4. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    She was there, this is totally made up.

  5. CELEBR8 says:

    Mariah Carey Annoys!’, ‘She just stood there during her VMA performance & had to lip sync, tisk tisk!

    Why did they have to rehearse that performance anyway? All she’, ‘did was just stand there (once again) then sit in that god awful one leg up pose. Guess she wasn’t feeling “Hot Tamale”. And why does she always dress like she’s ready to give an acceptance speech @ the Oscars? Did she not go to her Prom? Where’s TeamLamb when you need them.

  6. estephania says:

    HAHAHA, wanna be prom queen is so fitting!

  7. shunny says:

    I love wbt and shake it off but mariah can’t perform to save her life. That’s why she can’t sell out a concert.she needs to stick to the studio.she also needs to fire her stylist canuse she never dresses for the occasion.

  8. Maddie says:

    Shunny please shut up, stop talking garbage! This story is soooooo not true. Go to and read what really happened, she did rehearsed many times and it kept being interrupted due to the rain. She finished like at 1am and then she went to a party. This from someone that was there. This hotel guest was probably a hater, go figure!

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