Mariah Carey Busts The Bank At Monte Carlo

Mariah Carey’s diva demands at Saturday night’s World Music Awards had the singer booked the four most expensive suites in the hotel for herself at the cost of £2,000 a night, then added suites for her make-up assistant, hairdresser, wardrobe assistant, manager and two beefy security guards. The suites also had six humidifiers and were decked out in fresh flowers. Carey also requested the lighting to be changed so that the effect was darker than usual. “We are used to getting some big names passing through our doors but perhaps none as big in the world of pop as Mariah Carey,” a source at the Hotel de Paris explained to The Sun. “There was certainly a fuss over Miss Carey’s arrival at the weekend. We like to offer our guests the best so no matter what they ask for they will get it – after all, it is their money they are spending.”

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7 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Busts The Bank At Monte Carlo

  1. Madfan says:

    Typical, typical…this is just a “normal” event in the life of an insane person such as Mariah Carey. NUTS!

  2. MistySl says:

    This girl just won’t stop, award after award, concert after concert, she’s a robot, will someone take the energizer battery out and send her away for a year. I’m sick of her.

  3. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I don’t see what the fuss is about. Lots of rooms, okay, nothing special there. Humidifiers for her voice, no big deal there. She likes it dark – well, she is a bit of an insomniac, so maybe she doesn’t do bright light. Maybe that explains why she wears shades a lot too. Maybe too much lighting hurts her eyes, maybe she gets migraines easy. It’s not like she’s not under bright lights all the time with work and wants a break from that. Who knows. Really people, keep reaching. There’s nothing to attack here with her. She’s got the money for the rooms. needs humidifiers and low lights.

  4. Maddie says:

    I’m a travel agent and for that amount of money she’s paying for the room, they better give the best service there is. She has the right to ask for what she needs. Besides, it’s obvious the hotel does not mind at all to please her, it’s actually good for their reputation to have people with Mariah’s celebrity status choosing them to stay there.

  5. MariahCareyFreak says:

    I’ve found out why I hated Jennifer Lopez. It’s because of you Haters! Jennifer Lopez is a good artist! Maybe she can’t sing like Mariah Carey but who can? I mean Mariah’s voice is amazing! I’ve heard her live and it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard! I’m sad for these haters that hate on her and it’s not because of what we think too! There not jealous of Mariah Carey they think there better then Mariah Carey they don’t think she deserves the riches she has and Eminem does? Of course he does! I’m not going to fight with you! It’s like trying to tell a FSU fan that Florida is better! lol! You’re not going to win! I like being called a Lamb! So go ahead and hate if you want too! It doesn’t matter to me! lol! Oh and don’t forget that the Remixes comes out Oct 14 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes out Oct 17! Got to see that!

    I’d buy every radio station that impacts the Billboard and play what the people want to hear not some DJs! Oh and yes I would play Mariah Carey a lot!

  6. mikemc says:

    People can talk crap about Mariah all you want, but the main reason she spent so much money at the hotel was to make her employee’s comfortable. She booked 4 rooms, 1 for herself, and the other 3 for her stylists and her bodyguards. Just goes to show you how nice of a person Mariah is, what other celebrity do you know that shells out that kinda money for her workers.

  7. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Since when are you a fan? I agree with you though, on the over-exposure thing. She’s hot, sure, but I don’t need or want to see her nipples. She pops out on the third image. That dress, reminds me of summer and it’s nearing the middle of October. I think it’s just plain ugly.

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