Mariah Carey Charming in Las Vegas

Contributed by Loverboy:

I flew from Vancouver, Canada to see Mariah in Las Vegas, and I really enjoyed the show. Compare to her Rainbow tour’s big arenas, I really prefer these smaller theaters. I was sitting right in the center and behind Randy Jackson, who is the music director there. And for those haters who think that Mariah only whispers, they should go see her live because she can still hit those high notes, and belt out the same if not better than Christina or Kelly Clarkson!

10 lucky fans were also chosen from the fan club to meet her backstage. I was among the unlucky ones. but I tried to convince someone from Monarc to let me in, but they still refused to do so. But they did promise me to give a letter to Mariah for me. I then waited in front of the theater because I had to get my camera back, and also I promised some fan that I would wait for them there. Hours passed, and fans came and left all the time. Rumors had it that Mariah was going to have an afterparty across the street. I did not buy it… I saw these security guys still guarding the door, so I told the other 3-5 fans that we should just wait there and I was pretty sure that Mariah would be coming down.

Finally, Mariah did come out and she was soooo nice to us fans. When I told her that I had flew from Vancouver, Canada to see her and that her music means a lot to me, she smiled at me and said “That’s so nice! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the show!”

She then went to have her dinner, and we waited for her again there. By then, more fans were aware that she was having dinner there, so more people waited with us. Eventually she finished eating and came out again, and this time, she signed autographs for us and posed with some fans (I was too busy photographing and totally forgot to ask her to pose with me… :-( )

Anyway, I just want to say that it was an amazing show and I had the best time of my life. The critics and haters can keep trashing her, but she will always be inspiring me and helping me through difficult times.

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Charming in Las Vegas

  1. tena says:

    I won’t go into detail what I think about Mariah, because it is more or less, a singer that does not appeal to me. However, it’s her fans that I really can’t stand. They are pathetic. Instead of talking about her, they go and compare her to everyone and anyone, and quote stats. It is all so funny. Although, I do not favor the “big voice singers” with the exception of Whitney, who does it best and keeps it real, I think Christina and Kelly, have voices very much comparable to Mariah. With the exception of an octave or two, which just becomes a matter of what the voice can do as opposed to being entertaining or having soul. And for the person who talked about Whitney who set the standard for singing, I think you should think again, set the standard for “big voice singing” which simply doesn’t appeal to everyone. That is why people like Norah Jones are getting praised, because there is another set of standards for singing, and some people are just as blown away by a subtler approach to singing.

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