Mariah Carey Checks In After RMA Wins

posted a voice message to fans on Tuesday (December 20) at her official website. Carey said, “Hello. Yeah, just had to call you ’cause I just had quite an amazing night at the RMAs and I wanted to thank you guys so much for everything, every single person out there who’s been here for me from the beginning, everybody who’s you know just made this the most incredible year of my life and you know what? for every single time that we thought ‘yeah it was bleak and whatever’, it’s all worth it ’cause this has been amazing and I really can never ever ever thank you enough and i may sound boring and dramatic or whatever but I don’t have my cheerleading squad with me. So it’s a little bleak but basically, I’m just laying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep and the night wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t call in and just say thanks. Happy Holidays! I’ll be calling you soon with a much more festive message but I just want to say that I thank you and love you so much. Buh-bye!”

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