Mariah Carey ‘Clown’-ing around

Contributed by Kizzardkid:

Australia’s No.1 radio program last night showed Mariah more love and support than they have in a long time. In Eminem’s current single, “Superman” he disses Mariah and it has been a massive hit on the Countdown. Last week they played 50 Cent’s explicit remake of “I Know What You Want”, which supposedly also disses Mariah.

In response, Mariah’s Australian fans felt it was only fair that she should get her chance to reply, and in what better form that “Charmbracelet” track, “Clown” where Mariah allegedly blasts Eminem for being “a puppet show” who “often sits at home alone and cries, cries, cries, cries.”

After contacting the producers of the show, they agreed and last night they played “Clown” in its entirety. Once it was finished the hosts of the show, Kyle and Jacki, said that in the last few years everyone has been bagging out Mariah, but that’s over now. She’s got great people surrounding her and this is her year. She’s back better than ever. They even agreed that “Glitter” wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be. Kyle even said he loved it.

Things certainly seem to be changing. “I Know What You Want” was No.6 on the Hot30 last night.

Source: Mariah Downunder Forums

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