Mariah Carey Comments On Donatella Versace

Contributed by SJ: reports is featured in the December issue of ‘InStyle’ Magazine and is quoted as saying, “I only went to the Versace show. I’m on my world tour and I had to be very selective. The energy was high and everyone was so excited about the collection, you couldn’t help but be enthused. Donatella has a fun, generous spirit and an incredible sense of style. She knows how to make a woman feel sexy and glamorous.”

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11 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Comments On Donatella Versace

  1. QueenLambFlops says:

    Mariah put her foot in her mouth there. She’s pretty much claiming that people only go to her concerts to see what that woman is wearing. God knows they would never go to hear a bunch of lip synching and whispering. They just want to see the cow squeeze herself into all her slutty outfits. Truly sad lamb flops.

  2. Madfan says:

    “She knows how to make a woman feel sexy and glamorous” – but she’ll have a hard time with the Queen of Flops. Nothing can help her to look “sexy” and “glamorous,” simply because she’s NOT. If she feels that way, and if her Lambs think she is “sexy” and “glamorous,” then so be it. DAYDREAM and FANTASY are free, and we haters CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY from them. If we tell them the truth she may just have another BREAKDOWN.

  3. SJ says:

    Mariah loves Versace. I DO TOO… Versace brand clothes etc. are great!

  4. QueenLambFlops says:

    You couldn’t even afford clothes from Goodwill.

  5. SJ says:

    I AIN’T TRAILER PARK TRASH like you. I could afford Versace. I drive 04 MERCEDES-BENZ

  6. monarc20 says:

    You haters must spend all day on hear waiting for any Mariah new’s to come in so you can bash her. Mariah’s the biggest selling female Artist in history and even if you wanna pretend like that’s not true she’s accomplished more then any of you ever will. So keep calling her the same old stupid name’s cause you know I know your just jealous. Anyway Mariah looked beautiful at the Versace show and so did Beyonce. It’s nice to see that Mariah and Beyonce are really friend’s they will be doing a duet so I can’t wait to hear that cause it’s gonna be amazing!

  7. webanging says:

    When Madonna was on TRL the last time the VJ said she has sold almost 200 Million Albums. That would make Madonna the best selling female artist of all time. Mariah doesn’t come close to that number.

  8. webanging says:

    I had to agree with webanging. Mariah IS NOT the biggest selling female in history but Madonna. Mariah’s only the biggest selling female artist in the ’90s. The only at fault here is that the music industry and the award giving bodies who’re the one who labeled her that and sadly most (not all) lambs took that seriously but the truth is Madonna is the biggest selling female artist ’till now and Mariah’s hold the biggest selling female artist of the ’90s.

  9. duran says:

    Barbra Streisand is the best selling female artist ever and not Madonna even Nana Mouskouri has sold more then 200 million albums. They maybe don’t produce big hits now but they are longer in the business and sold more albums through the years then Mariah and Madonna.

  10. tena says:

    She (Madonna) is in the Guinness book as such. Mariah isn’t. Just because you don’t like Madonna doesn’t mean she didn’t sell a lot. I am sure you not buying her records didn’t dent her overall sales in the least.

  11. mikemc says:

    Go Mariah!!! You gotta love the haters, all they do is talk bad about Mariah, yet their the ones that spend ALL their time talking about her. Look at that posts, practically every post is replied by them!!!! NO LIVES!!! Face it hater, Mariah IS the biggest selling female artist in HISTORY, NOT Madonna!!!! It’s already been proven, just because some VJ on TRL stated that Madonna sold almost 200 million records, that doesn’t mean it’s true. While Mariah has been proven to be the biggest selling female in history, EVERY award show recognizes her as that title. And while at the World Music Awards, the Prince of Monaco stated it’s OFFICIAL, Mariah is the biggest selling female artist in history, I think he has a title credibility then a VJ on TRL. The main difference between Mariah and Madonna is Mariah’s albums are STILL going multi-platinum!!!! All the Madonna fans sit here and say “American Life sold over 5 million copies worldwide!!! NO IT DIDN’T!!!!! It’s been CERTIFIED 5X platinum around the world, while it’s only sold a little over 2.5 million around the world!!! Mariah’s NEW albums sell double that amount!

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