Mariah Carey Describes Her Emotional Collapse

After erratic behavior while promoting ‘Glitter’ last summer, had a complete physical and emotional breakdown and ended up checking into a private hospital. Now she tells the Today Show’s Matt Lauer it was as bad as it looked. “I went up to my mom’s house, and I literally collapsed,” she said. “And she was just nervous, like anybody — any mother would be. She was freaked out.” Matt asked, “So you’re in a ball on the floor? You’re lying on the bed?” “Yeah, like you know, just collapsed sitting there,” Mariah Responded, “Like, you know, I pretty much blacked out. And i didn’t — you know, I didn’t — my mother didn’t know what to do.” Asked if she called 9-1-1, Mariah said, “Yeah, she called 9-1-1, which was not the star, you know, the superstar thing to do.”

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