Mariah Carey Excited About ‘The Remixes’

John Norris of MTV News sat down with to talk about her new remix album ‘The Remixes’, which she’s excited about even though it’s a contractual obligation with Sony Music. “I’m excited about it because it was out in Japan first and I got it and I listened to it and it’s a really good album,” she said. “All the hip-hop remixes are there, and then you have the club mixes, so it’s a totally unique kind of album. It is a contractual thing, and in a way I’m just like [sighs] ‘OK, this should’ve been out four years ago,’ but I think it’s definitely like a collector’s item. ‘Cause a lot of the remixes you couldn’t get in stores, you couldn’t buy them.” Check out the entire interview, including video clips, here.

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12 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Excited About ‘The Remixes’

  1. Maddie says:

    This is definitely a collector’s album, is really HOT! Whoever doesn’t own it yet, I suggest you got and get it. There are two CDs and the first one is all club remixes and the second one is all hip hop /R&B remixes………it’s totally worth every penny, she redid the vocals, so they sound like new tracks and her voice is stunning!! The Club mix CD is great for working out!!!!! Go get it!

  2. lopez_lover says:

    looks like she’s the only person who’s excited about that crap lol

  3. PaulNick19 says:

    I’m excited too! :) I already got it. I prefer the R&B mixes on CD 2….the my all/stay a while, and thank god I found you/make it last mixes are brilliant and profound barrier-crossing remixes.

  4. Maddie says:

    Actually we, her fans are very excited to have it, okay..

  5. niceg says:

    She has too many excuses. Mariah, stop blaming other people for your failure. Go screw the crap out of your lambs instead. She has to do a “CLOWN” circus tour when she releases a remix album so that she can say ” I ONLY WANTED” to have an excuse of not promoting the album. A flop is always a flop. No matter what she does, nobody “Can’t take that away” from her. 3 major flops!

  6. tena says:

    Give it up Mariah. You weren’t the first to re-record vocals on a remix. You weren’t the first to put a rap in a pop song. You weren’t the first to use a rapper on a song. You weren’t the first to do a remix with a rapper. You just did it at a time that influenced others to follow suit. And with a song where you sampled heavily from another. It’s called timing.

  7. monarc20 says:

    First of all her last Album “Charmbracelet” gave her the second strongest opening week sale’s of her Career and has sold 4,000,000 Copy’s wold wide. “Glitter” even debuted in the Top 10 at #7 and went on to sell over 2, 000,000 copy’s. So stop trying to make your self feel better buy putting Mariah down . More then half of what you hater’s are saying isn’t true anyway. Why don’t you people take a chill pill and realize she’s human she make’s mistake’s, just like you do. If you don’t like her or her music why waist time on her, unless you are jealous cause you thought her career would end and it didn’t.

  8. MistySl says:

    Well Typed Lamb, but is Mariah Still Relevant in Pop Music, Does anyone still care?

  9. Homertime says:

    Obviously people do still care about her – yourself included MistySl, otherwise you wouldn’t be here commenting on every move she makes. Fans are here to talk about Mariah, share news and whatever. Haters are here to insult and criticize. Talk is talk though, and to a celebrity, you only start getting scared when the talk stops.

  10. niceg says:

    There is no use talking bad about Mariah. Her record sales had just shown. 3 times of failure is more than enough to prove it. Lamb-hos just can seem to accept this straight fact. They are in a stage of “denial” which means its the last stage of MC being suicidal.

  11. mikemc says:

    You gotta love the haters, Mariah’s remix album has been out a total of 4 days and they already label it a flop, gosh how clever of them!!!! No need to worry though, because as we all know, they were the first ones buying the album last Tuesday!!! Their pathetic a$$es can’t live without her, their entire existence is based around bashing a MEGASTAR who has achieved more accomplishments in her life then they ever will. You haters really need to refresh your vocabulary, your posts are becoming predictable and lame. If your gonna bash someone, at least come with some original material, not “Mariah’s a flop” and “Mariah’s fat” on every post. You all keep claiming “Charmbracelet” is some MAJOR flop, well explain me this: Charmbracelet Sales in US: First Week: 240,000 copies Second Week: 173,000 copies Third Week: 191,000 copies You know what this shows, not only was Mariah GOLD her third week, and CERTIFIED PLATINUM in her 4th week, but in three weeks ALONE she surpassed the sales of what “Glitter” had sold EVER in the US, not only that but she also sold more in 3 weeks then Madonna’s “American Life” has sold in 5 MONTHS!!!!! So that makes her a flop???? RIGHT!!!!! Guys you really need to quit, your looking really lame and pathetic, your on Mariah posts more then her fans are, get a life!

  12. joxee says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing while I read all the haters comments, they keep on posting: Mariah is over, Mariah is a flop queen, Mariah can’t sing and this and that. Ok, Mariah might be over, her voice have changed, she’s not selling for over 10M copies, yet you still here wasting your time? Still piss off? Keep on amusing me haters, it makes me laugh.

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