Mariah Carey Eyeing ‘Baggy-Clothed Hoodlums’

The Mirror reports has confessed she’s bored with city slicker types after her failed marriage to businessman Tommy Mottola. The 33-year-old revealed to Trevor Nelson, who was filming for his new BBC3 series Lowdown aboard her private jet, that she’s on the hunt for some rough and tumble in the form of a “baggy-clothed hoodlum.”

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9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Eyeing ‘Baggy-Clothed Hoodlums’

  1. niceg says:

    The bitch is finally showing her true colors now. She wants to ride a donkey and lambs now. All she needs now is a circus trainer to be her pimp to set her up for another show. Thank god Tommy Mottola dumped his fat-ass cow. We wouldn’t want to see an animal farm in a city.

  2. SJ says:

    MARIAH is showing her TRUE COLORS!. Mottola type guys must be boring to live with!

  3. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Oh for God’s sakes, I hope this isn’t true. You must be a pretty big skank to have been with enough guys in a certain group to determine that they’re all boring. And if it IS true, lets hope she’s using the term ‘hoodlum’ loosely because yeah, I bet going on a drive by shooting on the way to dinner would be a fabulous date, huh?

  4. Madfan says:

    True. a badly dressed HAS-BEE FLOP QUEEN deserves a “baggy-clothed hoodlum”

  5. Cicero says:

    Aw guys, don’t be so mean. Mariah can still belt out some great tunes. Anyway, I don’t like how she’s just furthering the stereotype that people who were baggy clothes are ‘hoodlums.’ Still, she was probably just being silly.

  6. PaulNick19 says:

    I wish this website would just quit posting articles from “The Mirror” and “National Enquirer” and “The Star” its all made up stuff, created only to sell a paper.

  7. Emily3219 says:

    HELLO!!!! Anyone remember me?!?! Probably not. I haven’t been on in awhile because my computer at home doesn’t let me on. Well Mariah is awesome.

  8. mikemc says:

    People, you need to chill out!!! Mariah is always joking like this, unlike you haters, she actually has a SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! One thing people seem to forget, Mariah’s 2 longest relationships have been with Tommy Mottola and Luis Miguel, sorry not to be mean but BOTH of them seem to be the most BORING men on this earth!!!! If Mariah is tired of being with the same type of men, WHO CARES!!!! It’s her business!

  9. monarc20 says:

    This article is such BS, Part is true and Part isn’t. I’ve read the interview they took this from and they changed what she said. Mariah said she would date another Music executive because it’s to much Drama. She never said anything about liking guy’s with Baggy Cloth’s or about Hoodlum’s. They just made this up because it’s obvious Mariah friend’s with and work’s with a lot of people that wear baggy cloth’s so they are trying to get those people mad at her!

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