Mariah Carey Finally Leaves Fans A Voice Message

left the following message to fans on her official web site on Thursday (March 1): “Hi! Yeah, I know I haven’t left a message since 1802 but basically um I’m here um in Tennessee and I’m working and I know you guys understand ’cause um you know… you know that… when we get into my working schedule it’s a lot darlings, its a lot! But um anyway I was just looking through um… some of you guys sent me the cutest thing the other day it was this cook book and it was like very very very festive so thank you, you know who you are! Also I wanted to give you a Jack update, he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen right now. He’s laying on his bed, but he’s like half off of it and I don’t know, I think I need to post this picture. This dog is just like… he’s unreal… he’s I don’t know… he’s a person… the dog… yeah… he deserves those websites, keep em’ going! (laughs) Anyway I love you I appreciate you and enjoy ya and um I’m sorry I haven’t left a message in so long but like I said I’m just trying to do my best for you guys so um looking forward to everything coming up and I will call in soon, buh bye!”

The audio at has since been removed.

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