Mariah Carey Hits The What?

Contributed by Stoneyjake:

According to Selmirah Inc., The Publisher of Guinness book of Music World Records, who has been forced to republishing their “03” issue of the music records. One reason being that upon verification of such records, is mentioned to have recorded the highest note in recording history, showing an excerpt from her live version of ‘The Star Spangle Banner’ claiming that the note was a G#7, after serious investigation along with numerous e-mails and letters Selmirah found this to be untrue. After the vocal processing effects were removed such as reverb and equalizing they found that this note was only a very “pitchy” F#5. Leaving the field open for other singers such as Minnie Ripperton, Chante Moore and Debelah Morgan who have also achieved that same F#5 note. Better yet a Rnb Singer Tamar Braxton (sister of Toni Braxton), actually holds the record for highest note from a female recording artist. Being able to belt out an incredible G#6 in full voice. The Revised Guinness book of World records will be released in January of 04 following their new edition which is due out this October.

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