Mariah Carey Hunting For Boyfriend In England

The Mirror reports makes no secret of the fact that when she brings her Charmbracelet tour to the UK next month, she will be looking for a boyfriend. “Men think I’ll never be interested in them because I’m a star and can have whatever I want,” she says. “I’ll take whatever as long as they’re tall. I’m pretty tall so I usually end up with guys smaller than me. So it’s got to be a guy that’s bigger than me. A nice Englishman would be good too.”

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Hunting For Boyfriend In England

  1. faust says:

    lol she’s so ugly, no one wants her haha only idiot will hook up with scarey

  2. weebongo says:

    Mariah should go to some of the farms in the UK to check out the lambs. We all know about her obsession with them. It won’t be long till she’s dating one.

  3. pretty_eyez says:

    Are you guys happy with your life mission : Bashing Mariah. don’t have nothing else to do with your life ?

  4. SJ says:

    I’d be Mariah’s man any day!

  5. Madfan says:

    Marriage and Mariah Carey are two words that just can’t go together. Mariah Carey is such a freak, so how can she handle living with a human being??? She’s never lucky in anything… she destroys everything that she touches

  6. niceg says:

    Mc had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, MC had a little lamb that she can fu** all day :P I bet all the fan-hos are the first ones to get fu**ed!

  7. liya492 says:

    Sometimes Mariah I don’t thing she has it all together. she is only 5 foot 3 she isn’t 5foot9!she cannot even admit that she had breast implants. went from b to d come on!the real reason she is still single is the girl is sometimes weird and acts funny

  8. tena says:

    I agree, I don’t think she has it all together either. I am not sure about 5’3, but, for someone so tall, she always has to wear high heels. I mean that brings her to about what-about 6 feet. And she wears them to golf, and everywhere. And yes she looks like her cup size grew. And I’ve heard that quote about wearing turtlenecks so many times, but, I have never seen one picture of her in one. Even in her early years, she wore clothes that were sexy, but tasteful. So, she should stop the BS.

  9. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    This is some funny stuff lambs. Check it out it looks like poor queen lambslop queen of the flopchop can’t even get a man because she is so ugly and insane. Stupid untalented cheap ho take some of that money you been stealing from the stupidblindchops for all these years and buy yourself a blow up doll.

  10. mikemc says:

    I LOVE THE HATERS!!!!!!! You guys spend your whole day on, talking about Mariah about a fictional story. First off, if you guys are so superior to us fans then you would know that half this story is fictional. Mariah didn’t marry Tommy Mottola at 17, she was in her early 20’s. Then, this article makes references to her Maxim interview, and half the stuff they say wasn’t even in the Maxim interview. You guys spend your LIFE on here talking bad about Mariah, while she’s out living life a having fun. You guys look so pathetic, honestly think about it, you guys live the saddest lives in the world, you can talk bad about Mariah all you want but in the long run you only make her stronger. And if men didn’t want her, why would Maxim put her in the top 20 of their Sexiest Women of the World this year? Answer me that?

    Tena, your post is SO retarded. How are you gonna call Mariah out, because she wears high heels all the time? WHO CARES!!!!! If she wants to wear high heels, what does it matter? I’ve meet Mariah and she is not 6-feet tall, and she was wearing heels when I meet her. And what do you know about what Mariah had to go through in her marriage, just because you saw her in some videos or at award shows, that doesn’t mean she didn’t have to wear certain things when she went out. Her psycho-husband wouldn’t let her go out if she had any skin showing, now she is free to do what she pleases, she’s a single woman with a GREAT body and she can wear what she pleases. Last time I checked this was America, land of the free?

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