Mariah Carey ‘I Stay In Love’ Video

Mariah Carey 'I Stay In Love' single cover

is out with the music video to her new single ‘I Stay In Love’, the fourth release off the New York pop singer’s eleventh studio album ‘E=MC2’, out now on Island Records. The clip was directed by her husband Nick Cannon and filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this month. Watch it below.

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13 thoughts on “Mariah Carey ‘I Stay In Love’ Video

  1. GoAway says:

    Personality vs music.

    There is nothing more to say for this video other than lame, boring, bland and insipid. Now I begin to understand why E=Mc flops worldwide.

  2. jessica says:

    love the video Mariah is the best.

  3. Danny boy says:

    Great Song! Mariah looks beautiful as always. This songs is powerful and I wish she would of had more hits like this one for her singles. This is her trade mark and she does it perfect! Mariah will always remain #1 to all of us.

  4. Shenae says:

    Video is really whack, but the song is really good.

  5. Anisha Fierce says:

    She does it again. Its all gimmick and manipulation no substance. Remind me of her Breakdown a song from Butterfly era. I have seen enough.

    Sorry Mariah, time for a change.

  6. Ada says:

    I feel sad for her trying to compete with Beyonce and Rihanna up to a point where she is making completely fool of herself these days.

    Aging sucks.

  7. Blitzy says:

    No way whoever says this video is good she/he would be a good second-hand car dealer.


  8. gasp says:

    Just give this woman her 20 number ones, Christ.

  9. Dilan says:

    This video is not exactly ultra platinum class, however its is still nice and heartfelt as her song “I Stay In Love” I believe is a cross between Don’t Forget About Us and We Belong Together, but could have been much more superb however it still has that #1 potential that she seems to achieve. I am a big Mariah Carey Fan and that hasn’t influenced my decision. Though I believe she can beat the Beatles and I know that she is always going to be the #1 diva of all time. She has been accused over the years of being impressive not expressive, well here is her expressive so I do not understand why people are bagging it out! HoneyBfly member ultraplatinum.

    Great job Mariah Keep Doing Your Thing, They Only Attack You To Try And Bring You Down, Your The Best.

  10. faith wilkerson says:

    I love this song even though me and my boyfriend haven’t broke up but I will always stay in love with him even though I’ve cheated more than once lol

  11. Kenny says:

    Mariah is not best selling female of all time.
    It is a myth. She hasn’t had best selling records ever anywhere or anytime outside USA.

    Mariah world superstardom status is a fluke and her 18th Number One hits are based on the airplay not sales.

  12. Dilan says:

    Jealousy Speaking……

  13. nena says:

    hey I love this song it makes me cry some times and it’s a great song to listen to and if you had a man that has broke your heart you can listen to this song or cry to love your girl Nena love you Mariah Carey ok and Merry Christmas alright

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