Mariah Carey Is Not Just A Singer

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Ok first of all deserves the hype and you acting like is the first time there’s hype about Mariah. People criticize her for Glitter, first of all Glitter was a soundtrack not a Mariah Carey studio album and soundtracks never sell as much copies as an album. If you check with Billboard Glitter was the 5th most SUCCESSFUL soundtrack of that year and people still talk bad about it. And the first single from Glitter went to #2 in the Billboard Hot 100 tracks so where is the failure? Second of all Mariah is not just a singer, and or just singers because that’s all they do, they sing, opposed to Mariah who writes 95% of her music and produces too which is harder than singing itself.

As for Mariah being stuck up? If you see Mariah on interview she has a very good sense of humor and is always laughing and smiling, I saw her LIVE in the Save The Music Concert and when they were recording Mariah’s part she had to do the songs over because they need it to film different angles and the audience was tired and Mariah got on stage and begged the audience to stay she clearly said ” I know you guys are tired but please stay we have one more song to go” Have you seen J.Lo or Britney do this?

Also she was taping a BET special and she was late to the taping so she ordered the whole audience pizza, and when she was doing her CD signing she got everyone waiting online doughnuts and hot cocoa cause it was cold out and people were waiting for a long time. Does this sound like a diva? Have Britney or J.Lo done something like this?

Last time J.Lo had her CD signing she refused to talk to the Spanish press yet she has the guts to say she’s Puerto Rican, last time I checked Mrs. Lopez was doing a recording for charity and her list of demands were more expensive than what she donated herself by appearing in the recording, also Mrs. J.Lo couldn’t even appear on a Selena tribute concert they had because she had too many things to do, Bitch, Selena made you famous you should have been there,

Mariah is the most down to earth person I’ve ever met, she leaves her fans voicemails on her website to thank them for making her successful and she worries about their fans waiting in line for a long time and gives the doughnuts and hot cocoa, damn it I want to meet her, I can’t wait.

As for Britney, horrible singer, regular dancer, horrible actress, nasty personality, the only reason why she’s still famous is all the sh** she does that keep her in the tabloids. Britney is fake and you see it all over her when she’s interviewed she’s not being herself wow she’s so down to earth she acts like something she’s not so people could like her!!! I think I’ve proved a point here. Mariah is not just a singer Mariah is a musician, who is humble and very down to earth, I met her personally and nobody worries more about their fans than Mrs. Carey, so she deserves everybody’s respect. When J.Lo and Britney have 15 #1 hits and over 150 million records sold than we compare them with Mariah.

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