Mariah Carey Is Still Looking For A Man

With and Luis Miguel both spotted on vacation in Aspen, rumors began swirling that the two had rekindled their romance. But Star magazine says the diva was overheard telling a friend, “Luis is here in Aspen – but he’s here with another girl! I’m having a great time with my friends, but we are not back together! I’m still looking!”

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Is Still Looking For A Man

  1. babygirl says:

    well you can stop lookin because you found you 1 and his name is Nick cannon I mean if he wasn’t da right man you wouldn’t have married him and with the hail with luis you found you a great man and I just want people 2 leave you alone I’m not saying rappers but (eminem) leave her alone she don’t want you get over it she probably turned you down and you don’t like it and dis has been goin on for 2 long in been like 9 years she is getting on with her life and you need to 2 and I am a huge fan of Mariah so I don’t want people to take advantage of her or take her pride because I don’t want to c her broken down and I kno her other fans don’t want to see her like dat eather so get a life Eminem and and I kno she’s a pretty girl no homo but just leave her alone

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