Mariah Carey Leaves Happy New Year 2003 Voice Message

left a new voice message for fans on her official website. Mariah told fans, “Happy New Year! Yeah, just literally walked into my apartment. I’ve been all over the land meeting fans in Sweden, in France, England… everywhere. And I just wanna thank everybody so much for all the gifts and all the love and all the support and let you know that my new video is gonna be premiering on I think Monday night is the making of, which is kinda funny. And on Tuesday I’m gonna be up on TRL, you know, co-hosting the show, something of that nature. Anyway, it’s gonna be cool. But the video is so cute, you gotta watch specifically for Jack’s moment, you gotta watch for Bianca and watch for like little things ’cause you catch different things each time you watch it. But anyway, I love you much! I took a nice little vacation myself and I hope you guys all had a great holiday. Big Nasty says hello, once again happy New Year and thank you for making 2002 a fabulous year for me and… thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you, appreciate you and enjoy ya! Buh-bye!”

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