Mariah Carey Likely To Have Another Hit

Contributed by a_rod221:

With just having released her newest single in the U.S Many are looking forward to the outcome. ‘Through the Rain’ was set for radio release in late 2002 and managed to get in the top 30 in the Pop category and in the top 20 in the A/C charts. But despite these fair chart positions it only made it to 81 on the Billboard hot 100 chart, which most likely happened cause the vinyl for the single had just been released. In late January news began pouring that Mariah’s record company had bought 1 minute commercial space on several radio stations that were to play 45 seconds of the song, but it was said these plays were adding to her total airplay numbers. And that was the cause for her rise in to the hot 100. When a fan wrote a Billboard editor he stated in response that this was most unlikely and even if they had tried to pursue this it it was most inefficient. So now we are left with the new single just released and if sales are as good as Carey’s previous single sales than many are expecting it to crack the top 10 in the Hot 100. When we look at the facts even ‘Loverboy’ was the top selling single of 2001 even though the album it represented was a flop. So as we wait for what comes fourth in the next week we can only use common judgement to speculate that Carey’s new single has just began it’s rise to fame.

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