Mariah Carey & Luis Miguel Look Finished’s Fay reports Luis Miguel was just in Miami doing a concert and was followed by women throwing themselves at him.. Which appears to indicate Mariah Carey’s relationship with him is over. Fay says, “Mariah is still trying to pull herself back up.”

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One thought on “Mariah Carey & Luis Miguel Look Finished

  1. Mary Lembi says:

    Luis Miguel, is a lonely,intense, very jealous,super perfectionist! metal confused man, he doesn’t want to
    marry anyone, too scared! he even doesn’t want to pay money or raise his own son’s.
    He is still thinking his mother one day will remember him, and come back to him mentally, and physically. And only real commitment to his music and career!

    He is in-love, with love,doesn’t understand the love of a man who would die for his wife. He will one day very late in life, for some cute little thing
    to take care of him in his old age! And Mariah, with her bi-polar mental attitude.
    will one day learn to accept the fact that her 2 kids will watch over there mom!

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