Mariah Carey Makes Fan’s Prom Dream Come True

Star magazine reports that gave a female fan the literal dress off her back when she taped the ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak’ video in Los Angeles. A girl who was gushing about Mariah’s dress said, “Can I wear your dress to my prom?” Mariah said, “What size are you?” When the fan said “zero”, Mariah shot back, “I’m sorry, this is NO zero! But if you want to get it altered for your prom, I’ll give it to you when we’re done. I promise.” Well Mariah came through on her promise.

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One thought on “Mariah Carey Makes Fan’s Prom Dream Come True

  1. stephanie xx P xx says:

    Well that just show’w that Mariah Carey is not like any other star. If you ask any other star for there dress they would ave said yeah 4 a milion or 2. Who ever that girl is she so lucky I’d jump at the chance to wear something of her’s. she ia amazing xxx

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